Psychic demons

Two weeks ago, I attended a tapings of Cable Star and their topic for that episode was about yoga and homeopathy, with a certain Dada, a Yogi from Maharlikang Bahandi and Dr. Elmer Hubero, a homeopathy practitioner, as guests.
PSYCHIC DEMONS. I was struck by what Dada said about “psychic demons” or the fears, hatred, loneliness and other negative emotions that we carry. He added that these are ghosts what we have created. Fear causes us to worry about things that may or may not happen. Hatred pushes us to do things to could harm others, which eventually causes damage to us in the long run. Loneliness pushes us to look for happiness from outside factors, failing to realize that man and man-made sources of happiness are inconsistent, and could bring us back to that state of loneliness at one time or another.
I believe that these are the demons that are the hardest spirits to get rid off in your heart. Your accomplishments in your chosen career or endeavor will not matter if you don't have peace in your heart.
Casting out such demons is possible through recognizing that God is the center of your life. Dada suggested that when we wake up every morning, offer thanks to God for his blessings. Then think of God being inside you and outside you. He suggested that this be done for five minutes as soon as you wake up. Also, recognizing God's presence in others is another secret to becoming more understanding, more forgiving, more accepting, and more helpful.
VEGETARIANISM. Dada also discussed the importance of vegetarianism in one' s health. He narrated that when he decided to become a vegetarian, even his family thought that he was crazy. But, as they've grown older, Dada has never experienced illness while his siblings have hypertension and other diseases related to diet and age.
I've met several vegetarians and I always get the same answer whenever I ask “why?” Their answer: we are enjoying better health now.
From research, it was found that vegetarians have a 20 percent lower mortality rate from sickness. Vegetables or plant foods have lots of fibers, your weapon against cholesterol and cancer.
HOMEOPATHY. Dr. Hubero, on the other hand, discussed about homeopathy. He considers this a management of diseases wherein medicines from plant and animals, mineral salts, as well as other approaches are used to bring back the body system to its normal state. Dr. Hubero would rather call it complementary medicine instead of alternative medicine, because the specialist helps improve what's already in one's body.
A homeopathy specialist looks at the patient as a holistic system. Thus, he makes it a point to know about the person's mental and emotional state apart from his or her physical condition. One's life circumstance has an effect on one's physical state, thus, the specialist will attempt to rectify this, too.
* * *
I got a message from Astro, former TNT colleague as regards my column last week, “Amazing Women.” His message: Thanks for sharing this article. You're right. Women love emotional connection. I know that many men could learn from this. That way, no women will ever cry because of their problems with their husbands or boyfriends. When their family and friends ask her, “how are you?” she'll say “I am complete, happy and contented.”/Marie Katherine Villalon

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