Saving children through books

Save the Children, an international organization that creates programs aiming to improve the lives of children, recently came out with a book called “For Children by Children.” The said book was written by children coming from different public schools in Iloilo Province.
I was also there when the said book was launched two years ago. At that time, we were presented with unpublished copies of their stories. Also, the children were younger and smaller then. Now, they are taller and they have this air of confidence in them.
Latha Caleb, Save the Children country director, said that children have a lot to say and that we have a lot to learn from them. With Save the Children's focus on health, population and environment, one of the ways to educate other children about these issues is to tap people their age to send out a message.
Also, by encouraging book writing, we also encourage more children to read. Every child would be interested to read something written by children. And it is through reading that children will be saved from a life of difficulties. We know that a literate child can navigate his or her way through life and can also be a conduit in realizing change.
One of the young publishers, Clifford Vadillo, has expressed truth in this matter. “Every person has a God-given potential. In my case, writing a story is my talent.” He admitted that he didn't know what to write at first, but after prodding from his teacher, he was able to write something and it turned out very good. This made him one of the students to take part in the workshop held by Save the Children. He was quite happy because the experience brought him and the other children to places they've never been. He said that the exposures have improved his self-confidence.
Jeselle Anne, one of the writers, said that the death of her parents inspired her to write her book, “Nailo.” “I am stronger and happier now. I gained a lot of friends. The experience has a lasting positive change in my life,” she said.
Moral: To adults, encourage children to read. This is one of the best gifts you can give to the next generation.
* * *
Have you ever wondered why many adults are prone to getting angry all the time? When they don't get their way, they explode? And when you do something bad to them, they fight back, thus making things worse? They act as if they are the only persons that matter in this world and that the world owes them favors? That the world should bow down to everything they want?
Don't hate or blame them for being like that. Blame their parents or guardians.
Children are very observant. You teach them things and they will follow suit. If you show your child negativity, they will be negative towards many things, and that includes you. If you teach your child to hate, they will be hateful not only to others but to you, too, even at your slightest mistake. If you are respectful of others, your children will learn to respect others, too, and that includes you, too. You see, whatever you teach your children, they will do to society, and that includes you./Marie Katherine Villalon

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