The elements of skin care

When I was younger, my mother used to tell me to be very simple when it comes to maintaining one’s face and skin. The less makeup, the better. And no facials either. For such are elements of vanity.
She reasoned that vanity requires expense. “What if you don’t get to marry a rich guy? How will you be able to afford it?” she used to say. She has a point, actually.
So, I avoided having facials for decades. It was three years ago that I had my first facial, and it was because of a requirement by my former boss to write about the experience. From that, I realized that having a facial should be part of one’s skin regimen.
A facial deep cleans the skin. It balances the skin’s metabolism. It improves the skin’s texture by removing whiteheads, blackheads, among others. Pimples are cleared up. Apart from that, having a facial is a form of relaxation.
Having a facial used to be women’s preoccupation. Now, more men are found in facial centers. It has even become a family affair, according to April Grace Besara, owner of Beauty Essentials, Beauty Cradle and Beauty Dynamics.
Besara co-owns these establishments with mother and son tandem, Rose and Ronilo Golipatan.
Ilonggos have become particular about the well-being of their face and skin. Such demand led the Besara-Golipatan tandem to venture on the fourth branch, Skin Elements Facial Care Center, which opened two Saturdays ago at the second floor of Artista Salon, front Robinsons Place Iloilo along Ledesma Street.
“Skin Elements offers the following services: facial treatment, acne treatment, warts removal, flat moles removal, back and chest cleaning and facial mask for sensitive skin,” said Ron Golipatan.
“We offer facial products that solve different kinds of skin problems or conditions. Monthly promos are also offered that suit our clients’ budget,” he added.
“Facial skin care is the first step towards achieving a healthy body. “The skin is not just a simple flat sheet. Have your facial at least once a month to achieve and maintain a healthy and glowing skin,” Golipatan concluded.* (Marie Katherine Villalon, The News Today, Aug. 11, 2011)

Upper left: The facial care area that can accommodate 10 clients at a time. 
Upper right: Ester Sio.
Lower left: Lyn Sio, April Grace Besara with Mayor Jed Patrick Mabilog.
Lower right: Ronilo Golipatana and Levy Besara with Skin Elements' image models.

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