Eye care for persons with disabilities


* PWDS are exempted from the loading and unloading policy
* Prioritize PWDs on seats near the entrance of vehicles
* There are correct specifications for ramps, comfort rooms, doors and elevators for PWDs
* Five percent of one’s workforce should consist of PWDs
* Do not ridicule a PWD

The beauty of free medical missions is that those who cannot afford to have a medical check-up, can still avail of this.
Such opportunity was given to members of the Association of Disabled Persons of Iloilo, Inc. (ADPI) when the Rotary Club of Central Iloilo City under its president Daphne Ong, spearheaded a medical mission during the former’s 22nd anniversary last Saturday, September 24.
The activity was part of the club’s “Eye Care for Life” project. They provided eye examination as well as distributed reading glasses to 40 persons with disabilities (PWDs) from ADPI. It also included 60 senior citizens of Brgy. Lanit, Tagbac, Jaro who also went to the site (ADPI office in Jaro Plaza) to avail of the project.
The project was in collaboration with Rotary Club of Antique and a brainchild of the said group’s past president Rene Sarmiento.
Also, 200 members of ADPI were provided with ear cleaning.
“This project is important to us. Some of our members need ear cleaning,” according to Juvy Ministros, president of ADPI.

DEVELOPMENTS. Ministros revealed that since July, there have been positive developments with regard the plight of PWDs.
He hailed the recent move of the city government to implement exceptions for PWDs in the loading and unloading policy. This is a provision in the Batasang Pambansa 344 or the Accessibility Law for Persons with Disabilities.
Talks were also held with the public transport sector to observe the provision that PWDs be given priority in designated seats in public utility vehicles. Ministros said that soon, jeepneys will carry stickers to remind other passengers of this.
For PWDs including senior citizens and pregnant women, priority seats are those near the entrance of the jeepey and at the front seat. It was oftentimes observed that when a PWD enters the vehicle, some passengers situated on the seat near the entrance don’t give way. It’s either because of indifference or ignorance of the law. A sticker would help immensely.
Earlier, Ministros said that PWDs are encouraged to be very self-reliant. With the strict enforcement of the accessibility law and the cooperation of the public, this is possible.* (Marie Katherine Villalon, The News Today, Sept. 30, 2011)

1. Rotarians and Rotaractors of RC Central Iloilo City led by President Daphne Ong with Association of Disabled Persons of Iloilo President Juvy Ministros. 2. Past President Rene Sarmiento of Rotary Club of Antique with RC Central Iloilo City President Daphne Ong, Baby Lojero and Past President Alex Ong. 3. RC Central Iloilo City's Daphne Ong and ADPI's Juvy Ministros

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