The Battle launching

Passers-by and motorists stopped to watch and enjoy when close to 20 teens dressed in their colorful and creative outfits danced in front of the Robinsons Place Iloilo’s Quezon Street entrance last Sunday, August 12.
Called a “flashmob”, the surprise dance number signalled the launching of The Battle, a new treatment for the mall’s popular annual dance competitions – Girls Just Wanna Have Fun, Dance Showdown, Dance  ‘Em Out and Choreographers’ Challenge.
“The mall has created a lot of events to promote the Ilonggos’ talents. This year, we have a different treatment of these competitions. It’s four-in-one. This time, we looked for dancers who will comprise six groups of five boys and five girls. All of them will be trained by six choreographers. These girls will compete in the Girls Just Wanna Have Fun contest while the boys will compete during the Dance Showdown contest. The group with the lowest score will battle each other. Those who are left will comprise the four new groups. After the eliminations, two groups will remain,” Jun Cortel, head of JPC Productions said. He added that the two will vie for the championship.
The choreographers who will challenge each other are Ariel Catague, Sheena Fuentes, Adrian Jandongan and Fritz Dapilo, who have produced champions in the GJWHF and DS competitions in the past.
A dance number from each group was a preview of what Ilonggos will expect when the girls slug it out in the GJWHF competition on August 16.
* * *
A wise friend once said: “When we are irritated with someone or something, it’s not because of that person or of that incident. It’s because of us and our resistance; for not allowing things to happen.” Enough said. (The News Today, August 15, 2012)

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