How to dress up for your job interview

For Rene Hinojales of La Salle, Bacolod and speaker during the Jobs Fair seminar on Dressing for Your Job Interview at SM City Iloilo, first impressions last.
So, if you want to impress your prospective employer, you have to package yourself right the first time, he said.
He said that in gauging a prospective employee, a human resource officer or manager follows the 12-12-12 first impression rule.
“Twelve feet away, you have to be visible. Twelve inches away, you have to be heard. And the first 12 words the come out of your mouth can break or make you,” he said.
Another is the 30-second rule. “In 30 seconds, a manager can already determine your economic, educational, social levels, among others. And in four minutes, he or she will be able to discern your character – trustworthiness, if you are compassionate and reliable,” he said.

Rene Hinojales (third from left, left photo)

Hinojales said that in choosing one’s clothing for the job interview, consider one’s workplace, climate, skin color, hair color and age.
The workplace can be corporate, people-oriented, caring or service and creative.
“For corporate settings, for example, you have to look smart. You have to conform. It’s not a place for self-expression,” he said.
It would be better if the applicant checks the company’s dress code.
In addition, “dress up, not dress down,” he advised.
Inappropriate clothing refers to those that have poor fit, are too short, too casual or too revealing, he said.
“Sleeveless is not allowed,” he said.
As for color choices, “just don’t blend with the background or the furniture.”

“Take care of your skin and hair. For men, shave. For women, wear light make-up. Never mix day and night make-up. For nail polish, colors like red, tangerine, green, blue and the like are not suitable for corporate settings. This is okay if you are in the creative industry,” he said.
Piercings, tattoos, dangling earrings and colorfully-dyed hair are a no-no in a corporate setting but are okay in the creative environment like fashion and theater.
 “If you have bad breath, bring a chewing gum,” he advised.

Hinojales said a scarf and costume jewelry handy are must-haves. “With a scarf, you can change your look many times,” he said.
Men, on the other hand, should learn to mix and match colors, he said.
“Then, the tie’s length should be up to the waist, not shorter and not longer,” he said.
“Men’s pants should not be shorter. The length should reach the back of the shoe. For women, a knee-length skirt is ideal. Not too short,” he said.
While many women are now wearing sandals and even gladiator shoes, he advised that these are a no-no in the corporate world. He prefers closed pumps.
“Higher heels are also better, but not too high. Don’t wear party shoes in the office,” he said.
Then, women and men should polish their shoes.
For men, the belt must match the shoe’s color and texture.
And lastly, don’t wear perfume in the office, he said. He suggested wearing cologne instead because it’s milder.

There you have it. Give yourself a makeover and snag that dream job!*

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