Actress tells Ilonggos 'robbery' must stop

The misuse of the pork barrel system also harms women, according to Monique Wilson, theatre actress and women’s rights activist during her visit to Iloilo City yesterday.
“Women are pushed by starvation to be exposed to exploitation so this is connected to the pork barrel system,” she said.
“We can’t stop violence against women (VAW) if we don’t look at the root causes. VAW is not just on the physical aspect but on the economical, she added.
Wilson visited an old relocation site in Brgy. Lanit, Jaro yesterday to see if there had been improvements since her visit last year.
“Nabigyan po ng konting daan pero, no access pa rin. Ang daing nila, mahal ang byahe in going to work here (city). There is no health center there,” she said.
“We need to show our government that this is not acceptable. Paano ka nakakatulog na ninanakawan ang tao?” she added.
Lucy  Francisco, regional coordinator of Gabriela-Panay said the site that Wilson was referring to is not included in the new socialized housing being established there.
“If they can be included in the new socialized housing, it would be better,” Francisco said.
“When she went there last year, Monique had to walk through mud. The pigpens looked better than the houses. The residents eat kangkong the whole week. They do not have potable water. Their sad plight is the reason why she comes back. Now, we are organizing these women and informing them of their rights,” Francisco added.
“So, I’m all for abolishing the pork barrel. Ang discretion, bakit sa kamay lang ng iilan? There is a big need for social services. Health and education are rights, not privileges. Why are we still fighting for that, eh right natin yan?” Wilson said.
With this, Gabriela launched yesterday an alliance called the Babaye Kontra sa Korupsyon kag Anomaliya.

“This aims to join women from all sectors to join and work together to end corruption. In Iloilo and in the region, we will have activities this October, as we have set it as the month of women protest,” concluded Francisco.*

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Obet Montes, Monique Wilson and Lucy Francisco of Gabriela

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