Criticisms vs positive images

For a year now, I’ve been trying to finish reading the book “Mission Possible” by Nicanor Perlas and recently, I was struck with the messages that Chapters 38 to 40 are conveying.

Under the subtitle “Karangalan and  New Approach to People Power”, Perlas stressed that “people power would arise not by focusing on what Filipinos collectively do not like.”

He said that we cannot create the future on the basis of widespread criticism.

“For this merely make people focus on the past. Furthermore, when the source of agitation is gone, fragmentation would rule since people would only mobilize around a common enemy instead of a common vision of the future.”

Perlas explains that “our idea about ourselves and our approaches becomes self-fulfilling, for better or worse. The impotence of many decades of programs and initiatives in reducing poverty is testimony to the proliferation of inappropriate images and approaches to the future.”

Here are two exercises in one’s personal level to prove that point.

Negative approach: Your company is suffering losses and you might lose your job in downsizing efforts. Without thinking, you blurt out comments like “How am I going to feed my child now?” “How am I going to pay for my house?” “With the high unemployment rate not, how can I get a job?”.

See how these thoughts make you panic, feel bad, weaken your spirit, tire you out, make you lazy and make you blame others.

Positive approach:  Take a moment of silence, and if negative ‘visitors’ come to your mind, send them away  as you have no time to socialize with them and instead replace them with questions like: “What opportunities are open to me now that I have more time in my hands?” “What talents do I posses that I can cultivate now so that I can use in order for me to be my own boss and exert more control with my fate?” “Who will I tap as my support group?”. “What are the non-essential expenses that I should give up so I could build savings to get me started?”

Then, think of positive images of how your life should be. Say, you having a small carinderia and employing two persons, having more time to nurture your child because you are at home most of the time now.
Or a tech-savy person can envision being an online writer, online teacher, online designer, and other stuff and having your own computer.

See how these thoughts make you excited, alive and propelled to act.

It’s practically the same approach for the changes you want in society. Churn out positive images of cooperation, hope, support, trust and other values that Filipinos are having and you will be very excited to participate. And when you participate, the transformation will become more real.

As psychologist William James said, “Be not afraid of life. Believe that life is worth living, and your belief will help you create that fact.” BACK TO HOME

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