PEACE Events benefits children with cancer

While giving Ilonggos a glimpse of the realities of bullying, an organization has also helped raise funds for the chemotherapy of children with cancer through a film entitled “Larong Bata”.
The Melai Hontiveros and Jason Francisco-starrer showed how some children and teens are bullied by persons who are victims of negligence and bullying at home as well as how teachers have difficulty in dealing with cases because those bullied are afraid to tell or there are just too many students to monitor.
The activity was organized by PEACE Events, a non- government organization propagating education and advocacy awareness on different social issues facing the community.
“PEACE Events’ purpose is to link with our educators to foster sense of nationalism among our youth today by empowering themselves with much knowledge on how to become responsible members of our society,” said PEACE chairperson Melanie Tupino.
“In the pursuit of sharing the message of life, we guide them through our entertaining, educational, and effective medium through films and art plays,” she added.
The organization has partnered with agencies like the Department of Education, Commission on Higher Education, Department of Health, Department of Social Welfare and Development and Philippine Drugs Enforcement Agency.
“Educational-entertainment has been proven effective medium to propagate effective learning,” Tupino said.
For anti-drug addiction and anti-drug trade, they organized the showing of films like “Delusyon” and “Tulak”. To foster patriotism, they showed “Watawat”,  “El Presidente” and held a play called “Papet Pinoy”. To develop love for nature, they featured “Black Theater”, to counter bullying, they showed “Bully” and “Larong Bata” and to raise awareness on HIV/AIDS, they held “HIV.”
Meanwhile, the beneficiary of “Larong Bata” is Mga Kaibigan ng mga Kabataang May Kanser (KKK), a non-profit, SEC-registered organization that funds the chemotherapy of cancer-stricken patients from indigent families of Iloilo. The group also opens livelihood opportunities for the children’s parents.

Donations come from friends, anonymous donors and other organizations who make KKK their beneficiaries.* Photos by Dr. Ma. Socorro Martinez

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