Football and the underprivileged youth

Globe Telecom together with its sports ambassador Azkals Team Captain Chieffy Caligdong kick off Football Para Sa Bayan 2014, a grassroots program for youth from underprivileged communities which also features key movers in the football scene who are committed to nation-building.

Chieffy Caligdong
The event will be launched through football tournaments in Metro Manila and Iloilo on February 22 and March 8-9, respectively.  The Metro Manila event will be held in partnership with the Philippine Navy at the Fleet-Marine football grounds in Taguig City while the one in Iloilo will be conducted in Sta. Barbara, about 16 kilometers from the city proper.

“The festivals will serve as a platform where in kids, regardless of their socio-economic background can enjoy the sport of football. At the same time, these events can serve as an inclusive platform for socially advantaged and less advantaged teams to interact and work together. We also want to capitalize on the sport to achieve our desired impact:  for children to stay in school, aspire for higher marks, and be in a position to vie for scholarships both athletic and academic,” said Fernando Esguerra, Globe OIC for Corporate Social Responsibility.

For the Metro Manila Festival, Globe will bring together 35 community football teams composed of underprivileged youth to compete, interact, and share best practice with 35 other teams from varsities of private schools and private football clubs. The one day football tournament will be participated by about 900 kids and young adults age 7 to 17.

Compared to other football tournaments where organizers charge anywhere from P3,000-P5,000 per team, all 35 community football teams will be supported by Globe via free inclusion into the tournament. Through this, underprivileged players are given access to high-level competition and opportunities to network and to get scouted by private schools and teams for possible scholarships.

On the other hand, about 1000 kids from football communities in Iloilo are expected to join the 2nd Football Para Sa Bayan festival in Iloilo which aside from a tournament, will also include a football clinic.

Globe Football Para Sa Bayan is a year-round football campaign of the company to bring the program around the country to impact nation-building in a big way.

Football is just the first step in Globe sports advocacy as the company continues to develop various sports programs for its CSR communities. (PR from Globe)

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