UP Open University offers ASEAN Studies Graduate Program

The Graduate Certificate in /Master of ASEAN Studies have been approved for offering at the UP Open University starting the First Semester AY 2014-2015, which begins in August.  The ASEAN Studies Graduate Program intends  to promote regional and global understanding about ASEAN Countries from the perspective of ASEAN; increase the ASEAN community’s consciousness of its common historical, cultural, and regional identity; and obtain a balanced perspective in ASEAN studies.

The Graduate Program  is designed for post-baccalaureate individuals, professionals, educators, and practitioners and those who are interested, qualified and academically competent to pursue graduate level education. As the program is ladderized, a student who completes the Graduate Certificate may opt to graduate with the degree and seek admission into the Master’s program within three years of earning the Graduate Certificate with at least a GWA of 2.0.

The Graduate Certificate in ASEAN Studies (GCAS), consisting of 15 units of coursework,  is aimed at  developing graduates who are able to demonstrate comprehensive understanding, insights, and mastery about ASEAN and the countries comprising it and to contribute to an enhanced and heightened ASEAN community’s consciousness and awareness of its ties of history, culture and bound by a common regional identity but celebrating diversity.

In addition to the objectives of the graduate certificate,the Master of ASEAN Studies (MAS),  consisting of 27 units of coursework and a master's thesis,   aims to develop graduates who can apply balanced theoretical and practical perspectives in engaging with issues and problems in ASEAN region; contribute to knowledge creation, research development and sharing in ASEAN studies; and undertake further and advanced study in ASEAN studies and related issues.

The framework for the ASEAN Studies Graduate  Program  was jointly developed by 5 Open Universities in the ASEAN region, namely, Hanoi Open University (Viet Nam), Open University of Malaysia (Malaysia), Sukhothai Thammatirat Open University (Thailand), Universitas Terbuka (Indonesia), and UP Open University (Philippines).  In the spirit of the One ASEAN, students are given the opportunity to take courses in any of the collaborating ASEAN Open Universities following the UP Policy for cross enrolment.

Application forms downloadable from  the UPOU website may be submitted to the UPOU Admissions Section in Los Baños, Laguna, or to any UPOU Learning Center in the country. Email info@upou.edu.ph or log on to www.upou.edu.ph  for more details.  (Source: UPOU)


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