Improving education via mobile technologies

Smart Communications, Inc. (Smart) has expanded its Smart Schools Program as it rolls out new initiatives in support of its advocacy to utilize mobile technologies for basic to tertiary education.

The SWEEPx Mobile Applications Development and Tablet 101 are the latest initiatives of Smart in the mobile education space.

SWEEPx, an extension of the Smart Wireless Engineering Education Program (SWEEP), is a training program on mobile applications development designed for faculty members in tertiary level schools. Meanwhile, Tablet 101 is a training module maximizing the use of tablet technology for teaching and learning designed for faculty members in public elementary and secondary level schools.  Both are also open to representatives of local government units (LGUs).

“Smart is pushing the boundaries in the mobile education space to optimize the use of wireless technologies in enhancing the learning and teaching experience from basic to tertiary education,” said Ramon R. Isberto, head of Public Affairs Group at Smart.

The training caravan for SWEEPx and Tablet 101 will kick off this August in the cities of Batangas and Angeles (Region III), and Urdaneta City (Region I), respectively.  There will be succeeding seminars to run until October in the cities of Cagayan de Oro (Region X), Legazpi (Albay Province) and Davao for SWEEPx; and the Province of Albay for Tablet 101.

“With the surge of smart phones in the market, there is a huge addressable market for mobile applications.  In the Philippines, the supply of mobile applications developers does not match the demand from the global market place.  We hope to help address this gap,” added Isberto.

Under SWEEPx, participants will be able to avail of free training on Mobile Applications Development on either the Android or iOS platform for 8.5 days at 8 to 9 hours per day. 

Meanwhile, tablets are fast replacing laptops in the market but in education, the tablet technology has yet to be fully utilized as a learning tool.  As part of its corporate social responsibility, Smart will impart to public school teachers how they can maximize the use of tablet technology in teaching and learning.

The one-day course for Tablet 101 includes topics on the functions and features of the tablet (Android), mobile applications for teaching, online educational resources, using social media in teaching, and managing ones connectivity.

Smart has been implementing unique programs aligned to its core business of telecommunications and technology for over a decade.  These programs cover basic education to the tertiary level, and in recent years, even alternative and technical-vocational learning.

“The goal of the education advocacy is human capital development by improving learning using technology.  This is achieved through the use of Smart products, services, networks, infrastructure and technology to enable learning in partner communities.  Smart integrates technology as may be applicable to the specific needs of the community in every stage of learning,” said Stephanie Orlino, senior manager for education programs at Smart Public Affairs.

“Smart is now advancing its learning programs and communities into the age of mobile education where learning takes place anytime, anywhere using mobile devices,” added Orlino.

For more details on SWEEP, check out (Source: Smart)

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