Malaysian Hotels offer Supervisory Course

The Malaysian Association of Hotels Training and Education Centre (MAHTEC) is inviting hospitality management, hotel and restaurant management and tourism graduates to enroll in a six month supervisory program in Malaysia.

MAHTEC general manager Sahak Ahmed said that participants will undergo an intensive 30-day program before participating in a full time supervisory internship allowing them to be Certified Hospitality Supervisory Programme (CHSP) awardees.

He also added that the program is ideal for holders of relevant degrees in the hospitality and tourism sectors, below the age of 26, and wishing to obtain supervisory skills training. The certificate offered will be advantageous, as both Malaysia and the Philippines, head towards the ASEAN integration in 2015.

MAHTEC has opened its training facilities and programs to students and young professionals from other countries. In the Philippines, it has tied up through, it's training partner AXSEL Management International Sdn Bhd and local company, Selrahco Management & Consultancy Services to offer service training opportunities.

According to Sajeeb Vidyasagaran, AXSEL director for marketing, the program will cost USD2,000 program fee, that will also cover board, lodging and a monthly allowance for the 6-month program.

MAHTEC is owned and managed by the Malaysian Association of Hotels (MAH). As the training arm of the Association, it is committed towards human resources development and strongly believes that investment in human resources is the key factor for growth, sustainability, productivity and profitability in the hospitality industry.

MAHTEC represents over 700 three-star and above hotels and resorts in Malaysia with a total of P200,000 rooms.

Hospitality institutions and local universities are welcomed to offer the supervisory course with its internship program, allowing its students to gain international experience.

Hotels and resorts may also wish to send qualified staff for supervisory training in a proper and reputable academy.

Applicants who wish to leave for Malaysia for their internship for the second semester are advised to submit their applications 8 weeks prior to their departure date. Interested applicants can email or contact 0922 859 6363. (Source: Selrahco PR)

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