Smart’s use of stone paper for advertising recognized

Smart Communications, Inc. (Smart), because of its multi-awarded Green Merchandising program scored another victory for its use of environment-friendly stone paper in the production of its merchandising materials.

Smart’s Green Merch project won the Sourcing Excellence grand prize under Supply Chain Management Association of the Philippines’ (SCMAP) Salute to Supply Chain Excellence Awards.

The Green Merch project previously won at the Asian CSR Awards 2013 in Indonesia, World Communication Awards 2012 in the United Kingdom, and Asia Communication Awards 2012 in Singapore.

First in PH to use stone paper
Smart is the first company in the country to use stone paper for outdoor and in-store advertising and merchandising. Unlike plastic, stone paper degrades under the sun and eventually becomes stone again. It is also water- and tear-resistant.

Moreover, the use of stone paper significantly reduced the production lead time of Smart’s merchandising materials.

The SCMAP Sourcing Excellence award recognizes businesses that are able to “realize substantial cost savings and generate value through effective supplier relationship management, risk management techniques, and ethical practices.”

Green Merch is Smart’s sustained efforts to reduce the impact of its operations on the environment. Smart has been using recyclable banners and recycled paper for its posters, flyers, and other materials.

Smart  Communications merchandising supervisor Glenna Gonzaga and Smart trade marketing manager Alex Reyes (fourth and fifth from left) receive the award for Green Merch from SCMAP officials.

Encouraging other companies to follow suit
Smart trade marketing department head Gia Palafox encouraged other companies to also use eco-friendly marketing materials.

“Companies produce large volumes of marketing materials every year. If all of us start using environment-friendly options, imagine how much it would help Mother Earth. We must all act now to help mitigate the effects of weather disturbances on our country, which are getting more and more disastrous every year,” she said.

Aside from using eco-friendly materials, Smart has also engaged partner communities in its drive to optimize its environmental footprint. The company tapped its adopted village, Gawad Kalinga Iloilo – a community of former trash scavengers – to turn its used tarpaulin materials into a livelihood source. Aside from donating used tarp, which are upcycled into bags, tents, and other materials, Smart also provided funding and helped train the residents to effectively manage their livelihood and market their products.

The livelihood program called “Project Zero” has led to an increase in income among community members, and to company savings from tarp retrieval and storage. (Source: Smart Communications)


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