Krispy Kreme Iloilo opens November 30

By Marie Katherine Villalon

With Krispy Kreme doughnuts in a box on hand, I and two fellow writers Louine Hope Conserva of The Daily Guardian and Raymart Escopel of Panay News were stopped by a woman who said, “Where did you get those?”

One of us replied, “It was given to us. Krispy Kreme is opening in Iloilo on November 30. And if you are first in line, you will get one year supply of doughnuts!”

Krispy Kreme doughnuts. Image source:

 Anyway, it was the start of many inquiries right after we parted ways. Three individuals asked me if Krispy Kreme is already open here. The taxi driver who drove me home was the last guy who asked me about Krispy Kreme. He added that whenever his brother-in-law goes home to Iloilo, that is his ‘pasalubong’.

So I thought, “Wow, Ilonggos are really looking forward to its opening here!”

Krispy Kreme Iloilo Opening
Anyway, it is true that the company is going to give one year doughnuts supply to the person who is first in line to purchase a box of dozen doughnuts during their opening at SM City Iloilo on November 30. Then, six months supply to the second, three months supply to the third and one month supply to the fourth up to 100th customer in line.

Krispy Kreme doughnuts comes to Iloilo. Image source:

 Nadia Lee Shami, assistant marketing manager for Krispy Kreme, shared that apart from their melt-in-your-mouth doughnuts, their company is also known for creating the longest line of people during their store openings.

“We are really known for coming up with really long lines. When we opened in Cagayan de Oro, people camped out for more than a day before the opening. When we opened our first store in Manila, people camped outside for a week. It is a family and friends thing,” she said.

Members of the media and bloggers during the Krispy Kreme presscon

She also assured Ilonggos that the well-loved Krispy Kreme standard will also be followed in Iloilo. “We will be making the doughnuts in this store. We call it our ‘Hot Meal Store’. Krispy Kreme prices are the same, too. This is the same world-class product that you know,” she added.

Krispy Kreme Iloilo will be manned by Ilonggos, she further revealed. “We have decided to open a store here because of Iloilo City’s economic status. You are in good shape as a city,” she said.

Corporate Social Responsibility
Meanwhile, Shami said that they also place importance on their corporate social responsibility. “When you buy our tin can, we share P20 to the Philippine Red Cross. Last year, the proceeds went to the survivors of typhoon Yolanda. Another initiative is Hope in a Bottle whose proceeds go to the building of classrooms. We are also eco-conscious. We provide a reusable eco bag if you buy 2 dozens of doughnuts. Then, if you get the eco bags again, you get P1 rebate.”

Krispy Kreme Philippines has 58 branches. Iloilo will be their 59th branch. Their 60th would be Bacolod branch, which is opening on December 6.

To get more information and updates about the brand and its products, visit Krispy Kreme Philippines at and also like their Facebook page

About Krispy Kreme

It is an international doughnut and coffee brand known for its Original Glazed Doughnuts and Signature Coffee. It is present in more than 20 countries including the United States, Australia, Korea and the Philippines./

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