e-books adoption for mEducation, eLearning gets boost

Leading the country’s digital shift of its learning systems by advancing the use of its innovative education solutions, Globe Telecom recently formalized its partnership with Flipside Publishing Services, Inc. (FPSI), which aims to promote the use of electronic books (e-books) in educational and corporate institutions nationwide.

With this synergy, Globe and Flipside’s team-up will open vast opportunities for conversion, aggregation, branding, retailing, publishing and distribution using international standards of e-books for Philippine educational system, including control, as well as the use of best-of-breed reading apps with built-in customer support system. This development unfolded as the telco company launched in November its groundbreaking Education Solutions suite, which comprises of e-books and e-bookstore platform.

Globe Education Solutions

The collaboration is also enhanced by the support Globe accorded to Flipside for the introduction of its Philippine Educational E-book Reader (PEER), an e-reader app which also serves as an e-book store and distribution platform. PEER provides a great user experience for stakeholders in the education sector. Already, learners can avail of educational e-books through the online PEER Store.  The Android and iOS apps will be available on Google Play and the Apple App Store in early 2015. PEER users, from school officials to students, will be able to source over 100,000 titles on iOS or Android gadgets in the PEER app or through personal computers and Apple devices via Adobe Digital Editions.

“Flipside’s services are based on world-standards, including our PEER app, created to be inclusive for all stakeholders in local education, enabling administrators, educators, information technology departments and bookstore operators as well as major Philippine publishers, among others. With our alliance with Globe Telecom, almost anyone in the local education ecosystem can be authors on their own and distribute content to a whole class or an entire school,” explained FPSI President & CEO Anthony de Luna.

Globe and Flipside’s respective presidents and CEOs led by Ernest Cu and Anthony de Luna (center) officially forged the two companies’ alliance to propagate the use of e-books for Philippine schools and learning institutions as part of the Globe Education Solutions portfolio. Joining them are (leftmost) Globe EVP and COO Gil Genio and Flipside General Manager James Pacaba.

“Working with a world-class partner in Flipside, a trusted company by publishers and schools, Globe will be able to help solve concerns of schools and other learning entities with the power of technology – from the administrators all the way to the students – as we move from mass production of printed and static material to mass customization, effectively ushering a new digital interactive media platform through tablets, handhelds and mobile phones,” said Globe Executive Vice President and COO for International and Business Markets Gil Genio.

“The deployment of e-books in partnership with Flipside as an authority in publishing digital content, coupled with our company’s countrywide presence, will definitely streamline the adoption of mEducation and eLearning throughout the archipelago,” the Globe executive added.

FPSI publishes local content and offers conversion services of print materials to digital formats, as well as both local and international distribution of e-books. It also provides e-book solutions to schools and corporations. In 2014, tech giant Apple Inc. listed Flipside as one of nine international ePub Conversion & Delivery Houses for its iBooks ebook platform. FPSI is also an investee company of Kickstart Ventures, Inc. (KVI), a wholly-owned subsidiary of Globe Telecom, Inc.

For more information, visit Globe Education Solutions, visit  or send an email to educationsolutions@globe.com.ph. (Source: PR Works)

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