By George! She is clueless!

A statement from the National Union of Peoples' Lawyers (NUPL):
Filipino rights lawyers' take on Atty. Amal Clooney falling for ex-President Gloria Arroyo's soap opera script.
We actually have better things to do. We heard this before and said she can't be serious. 
But before we let this slide again and regret not seeing what's showing now, allow us to give our take on this sexy news going the rounds of quadmedia again. 
Amal Alamuddin, reportedly an international human rights lawyer - and incidentally married to Hollywood heartthrob George Clooney - has apparently fallen for ex-President Gloria Arroyo's soap opera script but is now herself a victim of a slapstick comedy prank.

Amal Alamuddin-Clooney

Alamuddin was reportedly quoted as saying that the continued detention of Arroyo has violated her human rights. She has supposedly helped file a case before the UN treaty bodies and special mechanisms for GMA's release. 
By George! She is clueless! 
Atty. Amal is unfortunately completely misinformed and her and her spouse's popularity and glamour are being used for an unscrupulous selfish agenda. Sadly, she is being fooled by forces out to rewrite history, distort reality, twist roles of perpetrator to victim, and reinvent international human rights law. The UN process is also being mocked and corrupted along the way. 
We hope Clooney, gorgeous as she and her hubby may be to not a few, is not beyond being enlightened by the floodlights of straight facts to unravel the truth about GMA's scornful nine years in office. She should not be distracted by the dark silhouettes of pretentious plunderers and human rights violators like Arroyo. 
Gloria Arroyo

Filipino & Filipina human rights lawyers, victims and rights defenders are no doubt most willing to ask Mrs. and Mr. Clooney to sign up for justice for the hundreds of political detainees especially the poor who are very sick and old, the nursing mothers, the tortured, the disappeared, the summarily killed.
She must not be dazzled by the sounds and effects of former Presidents acting very badly as if they were the stars of righteousness or, if this does not hit well, who play the bit roles of victims of a very bad stunt. 
After all, what could be more beautiful if not sublime than checking one's facts thoroughly and independently, seeing the bigger picture of the gross human rights violations and unbridled corruption of one's client, and fighting for the real victims rather than the tormentors?
Amal, be on the side of the poor and downtrodden, not the scheming rich and famous who can misdirect you into cluelessly playing the role of a person of no substance. 
So we say, cut!  Back to reality! And let us pack up all these hogwash away. #
Edre U. Olalia
Secretary General
National Union of Peoples’ Lawyers

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