Globe's GoSURF boosts free access to Facebook with full photo and videos

Globe Telecom continues to enrich the customer experience as it now offers its GoSURF consumable data plan with free access to Facebook, allowing its mobile customers to access the social networking site without data charges.

“Globe is the only telco in the country to offer free access to Facebook with a complete browsing experience by registering to any GoSURF data plan. The full experience includes viewing of photos, streaming of videos uploaded on Facebook, as well as posting, liking, sharing and making comments on the social networking site. Access to the Messenger app, excluding calls, is also free,” Globe said in its press release.

Available to Globe Prepaid and TM customers with a GoSURF subscription and to Globe Postpaid customers who will opt-in to the free Facebook promo, free access to Facebook works on any mobile platform, including the Facebook Android and iOS app and browsers (via, without any maintaining balance.

Postpaid customers can access Facebook for free without any purchase requirement while Prepaid and TM customers will automatically get access upon purchase of any GoSURF promo. The validity of the free access to Facebook offer is the same as the subscribed GoSURF promo. Customers who have successfully registered on GoSURF will receive a text message notifying the availability of the free access to Facebook service, and will also see the “No Data Charges” banner at the top of the mobile site or app once the free access toFacebook promo is activated.

To opt-in, Globe Postpaid customers should text FREE FB ON to 8888. To know more, text FREE FB to 8888. To inquire about the promo, text FREE FB HELP to 8888. To check status, text FREE FB STATUS to 8888.

“We continue to move towards cementing our authority in the digital space with the return of our free access to Facebook promo. We have been working very closely with Facebook to bring the best and the fullest Facebook experience for free to Filipinos, photos and video streaming included. With this full experience, our customers can definitely enjoy Facebook the best way possible without additional data charges for as long as they are registered to a GoSURF data plan. Our customers can look forward to more exciting and wonderful Facebook innovations from Globe soon,” says Jil Go, Vice President for Content at Globe Telecom.

“Globe was first to launch a partnership with Facebook in November 2013, allowing its customers to have free access to the social networking site using the Globe data network. The company shared its technological capabilities and modernized network infrastructure to drive the ambitious commercial offer, which was aimed at increasing mobile browsing adoption in the country,” Globe’s press statement revealed.

“For the past two years, Globe has achieved success working closely with Facebook to increase internet usage in the Philippines with free access toFacebook. This key partnership has led Globe to become the leader in creating a digital lifestyle for Filipinos, evidenced by a 64% revenue market share in the Philippine mobile data market in 2014,” it further stated.
Globe Telecom said that they have maintained their dominance in mobile data business in the first quarter of the year after posting mobile data revenues of P4.4 billion, double the combined revenues of its competitors at P2.2 billion.As of March 2015, Globe mobile data revenues significantly grew by 58% from previous year’s P2.8 billion and by 8% from previous quarter’s P4.1 billion. /PR


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