Experience Pure Bliss when in Bacolod

Explore the beautiful attractions of Bacolod City and its nearby towns but do not forget to sprinkle the journey with good energy in “Pure Bliss”, an alternative center for mouth-watering but low-calorie dishes, relaxation and self-empowerment.

Low-calorie versions of Chicken Pesto Kebab and Chicken Teriyaki

Sip some brew and eat healthy dishes as you converse with your friends or the professional coaches of Pure Bliss.

They also provide therapy sessions like life coaching and BEHT therapy as well as stress management activities.

More low-cal dishes by Pure Bliss

One interesting service is BEHT therapy (Biodynamic Energy Healing Therapy). “This therapy works on the premise that the cells must be free from energy blockages in order for them to heal. These blockages are the result of a person’s negative feelings, chaotic lifestyle, traumatic memories as well as genetic and societal programming. These blockages are relieved through the application of the Divine Life Force’s healing energy and the pure intention to heal through the facilitator who functions as the vessel or channel of that healing energy,” said Atho de la Cruz, one of the managing partners of Pure Bliss. He is also a love coach and proponent of the renaissance of ‘hilot’, a traditional massage in the Philippines.

For stress management, Pure Bliss offers massage, a powerful stress and pain reliever and a great way to rejuvenate. It also re-aligns your energy flow and improves your immune system. Choose among these services; body massage, foot massage and ‘rutay’ massage. ‘Rutay’ is another word for ‘hilot’ which promotes balance and harmony in your body. Relieve the tension from your muscles and gently ease the stress away.

They also hold daily relaxation activities at the studio area. Every Monday at 6-7 p.m., they hold a yoga class. Their studio area is also a venue for workshops and ballet classes for senior citizens.

Discover the real meaning of life. Experience a soulful moment. Learn to master yourself and your emotions. Learn to cope, manage and handle stress. Enhance your skills and passion. Learn to practice love and gratitude. Celebrate your successes at Pure Bliss.

Drop by Pure Bliss on your next visit to Bacolod City. Send them a message at 0925.3011.257 or 0999.6754.415.  (By Marie Katherine Villalon)


Pure Bliss is located at Unit C, Nolan Building at Benigno Aquino Drive, Bacolod City
Open daily from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m.

You may also get updates from their Facebook group by clicking on this link https://www.facebook.com/groups/1000388383350777/

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