Pull-up for charity this Sept. 12

“Simple pull-ups once changed my life completely from negative to positive and they did the same to thousands of people around me after sharing this positive change. Now I believe that simple pull-ups can change, inspire and motivate for better everyone around the world” - Maris Slezins
Founder and chairman of the World Street Workout and Calisthenics Federation

There is a new craze for fitness buffs in Iloilo City and it is called “street workout and the group that actively promotes it here is Barista Street Workout-Iloilo.

"The group started when my best friend Julius Jardenil and I were working out and doing some parkour training at the Iloilo Sports Complex. We started doing bodybuilding about a week when a friend introduced the sport street workout. I did some research in YouTube and I became interested instantly," said Jerricho Espanola.

Human Flag

“Two days later, we saw a guy performing advance exercises at the Iloilo Sports Complex. We approached him. His name is Guts Santamaria and he was able to motivate me and Julius. We ended up creating a group and it is now a brotherhood," Jerricho said.

Double Planche

"We want the sport to spread around the region or even internationally to help motivate the youth to focus on fitness and see how fun it is rather than engaging in bad habits," he added.
Superman Muscle Up

The 60-member group meets in plazas where pull-up bars are available. They try out many tricks that not only strengthen them physically but also promote camaraderie among the members and perk the interest of spectators thus luring them to try this sport.

There are many tricks when it comes to street workout, Jerricho said. Some famous pull-up poses are the typewriter, the muscle up, muscle up 360, bar dance, human flag, back lever and front lever.
Jerricho said that anyone who wants to start with this workout should start with the Australian pull-ups. This develops the muscles and strength needed to do the other pull-ups.

Front Lever

This September 12 at 2 p.m. members of Barista Street Workout-Iloilo and partners World Street Workout and Calisthenics Federation and Street Workout Philippines are taking part in the 2015 World Pull-Up Day by holding a local event called Pull-Up for Charity whose proceeds will be donated to the Friends of Kids with Cancer Foundation, Inc.. Fockifi is a non-profit organization that raises funds for the chemotherapy treatment of poor children with cancer.

Front lever performed on a human as a 'bar'

Ilonggos are invited to join and help in the fund-raising and workout event, which will be held at the Molo Plaza. "We invite people all over Iloilo to join and do pull-ups and at the same time do good things by donating money or goods for Fockifi," Jerricho said.

Registration fee is 50 pesos per participant. For more information, you may contact 0909.253.5223.

See you on Saturday, September 12, 2 p.m. at the Molo Plaza.

Pull-up for charity and every pull-up counts!


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