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BellaVita by Ayala Land offers affordable houses

Have you been putting off buying a house and lot because of the high monthly payments?
Then, you might want to look at what Ayala Land Inc.’s (ALI) has to offer through its socialized housing brand BellaVita Land Corporation.

BellaVita is building 1,800 Iloilo house and lots in San Miguel, Iloilo for low and middle income earners. 
Each one-story house costs only P450,000. Reservation fee is P3,500 while the down payment is payable in two years at P3,000 a month. After that, you may pay the balance through Pag-Ibig as well as deferred and in-house schemes.
Their target market includes long time renters, rental income opportunities, OFW families, those want to live near their place of work and parents seeking homes for their children who are studying in the city, among others.

“Our mission is to reach out to majority of our countrymen. We are committed to provide opportunities to those in the bottom of the pyramid in realizing their dreams of having a house as well as reduce the backlog i…

Herschel Supply Co’s timeless backpacks and more

Lovers of Herschel Supply Co. products  and those who prefer versatility and durability for their rucksacks, bags and wallets, need not go to Manila or in order to shop because the world’s favorite provider of these timeless products has opened in SM City Iloilo.

But first of all, here’s a bit of history. It was in the early 1900’s when Peter Alexander Cormack, a barrel maker by trade, and his wife Annie made the journey from Wick, Scotland to a town called Herschel in the province of Saskatchewan in Canada.  In 2009 or three generations later, Herschel Supply Co. was founded by Jamie and Lyndon Cormack.

Basic Elements When a Herschel product is created, the needs of its users are being considered. That is why they have standard details including liners, key clips and pocket sleeves that remain useful for today’s users, may they be for adventure or simply for daily use.
The key feature of every Herschel product – engineered stripes in either red, blue or black - was inspired by…

Spa Riviera Iloilo launches bridal shower package

Having a bridal shower has been a tradition for a bride and her dearest female friends and relatives before she says “I do” to the man she loves.
Spa Riviera recognizes the importance of this event in a woman’s life and wants to provide an alternative bridal shower that focus on wellness, relaxation and pampering.
So, Spa Riviera launched its Bridal Shower Package which includes their best-selling services that aim to provide the bride and her favourite ladies an unforgettable bonding and pampering moment.
Aimed for a group of 10, the offering has two options. Package A includes manicure, body scrub and facial while Package B includes foot scrub, facial and manicure.
The exclusive venue would be Spa Riviera’s Jaro Branch located at Desamparados Street, Jaro, Iloilo City.
Spa Riviera has been a leader in the local spa industry for 15 years. It offers body massage (Swedish, Shiatsu or combination), Ventosa, Chair Massage, Asian Foot Massage, Scalp Treatment, Mandi Susu Facial, Java Scrub, Fo…

Brighter Life Praxis Game and investments

Have you experienced an incident that made you say, "I wouldn't be in this situation if I saved my money"?
I did. However, God seems to have a way of providing what I needed. Not necessarily on the level that I expected, but He did.
However, it would have been nicer if we got exactly what we wanted. You know, all the works and the comfort, right? One of the ways to have this is by being financially well.

So, Sun Life Financial Philippines embarked on an educational and fun way to learn the value of managing one's finances - the Brighter Life Praxis Game.
In this board game, players are exposed to opportunities to earn or invest such as employment, receiving a bonus, winning in a game show's lucky draw, savings and stocks. They are also exposed to events that require spending such as taking a vacation, buying a house, getting sick and getting old.
Whether you can invest, spend, lose your job or get sick, it would depend on the rolling of the dice.  Pretty much like rea…

Why Oishi Batchoi is the healthier batchoy

Our popular local batchoy may be delicious but it is not for everybody because its ingredients include intestines, liver, pork chicharon, meke (noodles) and broth made from bones and meat, which is not advisable for people with ailments such as high blood pressure and gout, among others.

But the good news is, one can make a healthy version of batchoy. Purr has tasted vegetarian batchoy which consists of egg noodles, carrots, sayote, onion leaves and flour chicharon bathed in broth flavoured by herbs, spices and a hint of muscovado sugar (in lieu of monosodium glutamate). But, this may not be agreeable for meat lovers.
Thankfully, there is Oishi Batchoi, a Japanese restaurant that provides diners with more batchoy options in addition to some popular Japanese dishes.

Oishi Batchoi was created by Chef Benjie-San, a Filipino who worked in Japan for 30 years as Executive Chef. His love and passion for food resulted to his desire of putting up his own restaurant.
Chef Benjie-San’s expertise in …

You can’t buy happiness but you can buy Havaianas

Every year, Havaianaticos troop to Havaianas outlets in major cities of the Philippines for the Make Your Own Havaianas (MYOH) event.
During MYOH, shoppers are free to choose their preferred soles, straps and commemorative pins to come up with a pair of Havaianas that they will love for many years.

Yearly, this writer looks forward to this event. But, to make it even more special, her pair of flip-flops always goes to one special person.
Not that she does not want her own pair. In fact, she is a proud owner of Safari-print sexy silhouette with thong-style straps. When it is not broken, why replace it with something new? Plus, sharing gives value to a thing.

Her first MYOH was in Bacolod City and it was a Philippine commemorative pair she made for her boyfriend.
The second one was in Iloilo City wherein her niece Anna was the beneficiary of the MYOH experience. Until now, she wears her Lake Green colored pair and carries the memory her first MYOH experience.  

For her third MYOH that is this…