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Why you should express your love with diamonds

Diamonds are forever. For years, diamond is the gem of choice when it comes to engagement and wedding rings as a way of expressing undying love. A woman usually finds it difficult to say “No” when her lover proposes to her with a dazzling diamond ring. Would-be-couples nowadays also choose wedding rings encrusted with a single or multiple diamonds. Gone were the days that a simple gold band will do. You just have to say it with diamonds, just like these two couples did.

Surprise Her with Diamonds Andrew* wants to marry his first love Amanda. Theirs is a classic love story, childhood friends who eventually fell in love with each other during their college days. Five years into the relationship, Andrew decided that it is time to step into a new chapter in their lives – marriage.
Working abroad as a nurse, Amanda has a scheduled vacation to the Philippines and Andrew decided to propose to her once she arrives.
“I want to surprise her with a proposal once she lands in Iloilo. I cannot wait an…