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S&R Iloilo reduces the need for balikbayan boxes

No need for balikbayan boxes. Businesses whose products rely on imported goods need not order supplies from abroad. More employment for Ilonggos.
These and other benefits are seen with the opening of S&R Membership Shopping in Iloilo City.

"S&R is a membership shopping club modeled after the warehouse membership shopping chains in the United States," stated their company press release.
In fact, some Ilonggos based in the United States said that it looks like Costco, a popular warehouse shopping center in the U.S.
"We provide imported merchandise at the lowest possible price, focused on driving profitable sales and improving their members' purchasing power," the press release further stated.

"Our low club pricing program results from our efforts to scour the world for products that can offer S&R members the best value for their money," it added.
S&R Iloilo's opening also opened employment opportunities for Ilonggos. Eighty percent of thei…

MMFF 2016 entry ‘Saving Sally’ 10 years in the making

Did you know that “Saving Sally” which stars Rhian Ramos, Enzo Marcos and TJ Trinidad, took 10 years to be completed?
“Saving Sally” was started by television director Avid Liongoren and his team. They began shooting as early as 2005 but production slowed down because of lack in funds.

Production came into full swing in 2010 on a blue screen, which was later replaced with a stylized Manila and 2D animated monsters created by Liongoren and his team of artists at Rocketsheep. “What we lacked in manpower, we made up for with love in every single frame. We spent countless hours checking and rechecking every detail,” said Direk Avid.
This coming 25th of December 2016, the public will finally see the film that is one of the eight entries in the Metro Manila Film Festival. The festival’s screening committee describes “Saving Sally” as an atypical youthful love story replete with child-like elements as applied on 2D animation. The Cinematic Evaluation Board gave it an A rating.

THE STORY Marty (En…

Guilt-less burger: Egg in a Hole Buko Burger by Lars Buko Batchoy

Iloilo - After hearing many good reviews about Lars Buko Batchoy, we finally checked them out ourselves and the trip was worth it.
I would recommend Egg in a Hole Buko Burger. They cut a hole in the middle of a cooked beef patty, placed an egg sunny side-up style in the middle and cooked further, then topped with cheese, bacon and coconut strips. The burger is adequately flavored; neither too strong nor too bland. I think what makes it gentle to my taste buds was the hint of sweetness from the coconut strip.

Now, I also understand why their Coconutchoy with Egg is a best-seller. It is composed of pork, beef and chicken with noodles and coconut strips served inside a coconut shell. Knowing that it is a good balance of meat and healthy coconut, I did not feel guilty eating it. Coconuts, after all, are rich in fiber, vitamins C, E and B, and minerals such as iron, selenium, sodium, calcium, magnesium and phosphorous.

We also tried Cocopao. Patterned after our popular siopao, Cocopao is a he…

The B Lifestyle Complex in Iloilo

Iloilo - Some business or leisure travelers going to Iloilo City usually prefer an affordable hotel wherein everything they need is under one roof. With their basic needs being taken care of, they can focus on working, having meetings and enjoying the tourist attractions of Iloilo.
At The B Lifestyle Complex, eating good food, relaxing in a stylish and comfortable room, accessing a strong Wi-fi connection, holding meetings, exercising, getting pampered and more, can be done under just one roof. This is because The B Lifestyle Complex is a sustainable synergy of residential and commercial spaces that considers those who wish to enjoy our fast-developing metropolis.

Here are several reasons why one should stay at The B:
1. Bed and Bath Serviced Suites For as low as P1,800 a room, guests can enjoy amenities such as the mini kitchen, refrigerator, microwave, queen size bed, closets, hot and cold shower, air conditioner, cable TV, Wifi, and room service upon request. Rooms are named after place…

15 Must-Try Dishes at Live by Healthy Kitchen

“The doctor of the future will no longer treat the human frame with drugs, but rather will cure and prevent disease with nutrition.” - Thomas Edison
According to the Royal Geographical Society, life expectancy has increased and this can be “attributed to a number of factors including improvements in public health, nutrition and medicine.”

In Iloilo City, the “healthy living” concept has caught up as well. We have seen the opening of restaurants that serve natural and organic food, much to the delight of everyone.
One of them is Live by Healthy Kitchen, which was founded because of its owner’s love for food and health.
“I  want to contribute positively to our society so what I can do, in my own little way, is to start educating or introducing different health food that not only tastes good but could also contribute to one's overall health and wellness,” said Myka Perlas, owner of Live by Healthy Kitchen which has branches in Atria, Robinsons Place Jaro and SM City Ilolo and soon, in S…