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Amid poverty, these Ilonggo moms raised successful children

Parenting is its own thing. I heard this spoken in a movie. It's because you have your own needs but you have to sacrifice some of them when you have an added role to play - being a parent.

I believe that the bigger sacrifice is being done by mothers because apart from raising the kids, they also have to go through nine months of pregnancy and hormonal changes that can wreak havoc to one's mental state.

Child birthing, albeit a common procedure, is actually a big risk that women take.

In Iloilo City, we have a project called Bulawanon nga Nanay, a search for deserving mothers who were able to raise successful children who can contribute to the growth of the community despite their circumstances. Bulawanon means 'gold' while Nanay means "mother'.

It was started in 2009 by the Iloilo City Government Task Force on Street Children chaired by Rosalie Trenas. 

"A mother's love for her child is nothing else in the world. She loves fiercely," said Marivic Mab…

Hip-hop dancer turned entrepreneur helps people get jobs

Iloilo -- After years of teaching dance in order to pay for his college expenses, Leif Brian Margallo now offers work opportunities to his fellow Filipinos through a business he founded - Virtual Workforce Professionals.
After graduating from high school little did Margallo know that he was to become the chief executive officer of his own company someday. At that time, he has other problems such as whether or not he could go to college. “Our only source of income was my father who was a casual worker in the Province of Guimaras Capitol Motor Pool Department,” he said. 

Although Margallo earned a full tuition scholarship in ISAT-U, he needed money for his boarding house and allowance. This is where his God-given talent in dancing came in.
“I taught hip hop, jazz, contemporary, cheer dance and the likes to different schools, colleges and universities in Iloilo. Plus, I became a member of a dance group called KOA Dancers which was a regular talent of a local TV station here in the city. The…