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Parisian shoes and bags for summer

No matter what season, shoes and bags are our guilty shopping pleasure.  And this summer, Parisian Shoes, and Bags lets you elevate your street and resort style with its new collection.

Few things are as easy as slipping on a pair of mules, and at Parisian, it was all about happy and bright mule flats. Buckles are also coming in strong for summer either for a retro effect, or simply a classic shoe design. Parisian Shoes also lets you put your best foot forward in easy breezy espadrilles and woven shoes which come in both flats and heeled designs. 

Wicker and straw bags make us think of summer, the beach, and picnics, and we all love seeing them. At Parisian, wicker wonders come in the form of sling bags to backpacks, some combined with fabrics and textures. These are great choices for a seaside holiday or a stroll around the city.

Parisian Shoes and Bags Summer Collection is available at SM Stores nationwide. Get connected with Parisian through Parisian Shoes and Bags on Facebook https:/…

Vista Iloilo communicity bustling with Vista Mall opening

Vista Iloilo, a communicity has become more alive with the opening of Vista Mall Iloilo in the heart of Oton, Iloilo along Circumferential Road 1 Savanah, Pulo Maestra Vita, just 15 minutes away from the Iloilo International Ariport. 

The mall introduces a unique shopping and dining experience for Ilonggos residing not only within and nearby the sprawling communicity but also from other parts of the region because of its world-class amenities, diverse selection of restaurants and an impressive line-up of local and global brands.

"Our home buyers appeal for places to buy their needs for the home, such as construction materials, sanitary wares, tiles and more. So we came up with AllHome. AllHome in Iloilo is our 17th branch. All that you value has arrived in Iloilo," said Mr. Manny Villar, founder of Vista Land during the opening of Vista Mall Iloilo on May 17, 2018.

Best known as the ultimate one stop shop for home building, renovating and furnishing needs, AllHome contin…

Miss Makeover, makeup and self-acceptance

"Jet-set from the idyllic beaches of Iloilo’s Isla Gigantes to the lush jungles of Bali as you follow beauty writer and makeup maven Mara Francisco, Miss Makeover’s heroine, in her funny yet heartfelt search for true love — after she’s transformed in the makeover of her life. Get ready to laugh, cry, and get that dose of "kilig" as Mara embarks on a crazy adventure in a bizarre, back-to-basics boot camp in Carles, Iloilo where she’s barefaced — yet face-to-face with men who just might be The One for her. Who will Mara choose? And more importantly, will it be the right choice?" - Miss Makeover by Claire Betita de Guzman

1. Kikay-ness
Miss Makeover kept me up all night on Valentine's Day. As I read, I learned about quick makeup fixes and felt amused at a social media influencer cum bully, a not-so-relaxed relaxation coach eaten by jealousy, and young and idealistic writers, who all contributed to some of the lead character's predicaments…

#makeITsafePH: How to surf the net safely

The internet has made information more accessible but with it comes risks. My work requires me to stay online about 60 percent of the time and it entails mining for leads and data from varied websites. Having been victimized by viruses and malware, I try my best to stay safe while surfing the net by following these guidelines.

1. Installing an anti-virus program
Windows Defender continuously runs in the background when I work and it detects unwanted pests and gives me the option to quarantine and remove them. It is regularly updated with the latest virus and malware information.

2. Two-factor authentication
This refers to an extra layer of security on top of one's username and password. It could be a number or a secret answer to a question.

3. Avoid websites that are not secure
I use Chrome and thus, receive an alert if the website is secure or not secure. This can be found before the URL of the website at the upper left area of one's browser. Once I see the site as not secure, I do…