Amazing Women

Men have varied standards of what an “amazing woman” is. Thus, this month of March, in celebration of Women's Month, I'm coming up with this article with the help of my male friends. This is also my way of acknowledging the two most amazing women in my life and the lessons I've learned from them.
Councilor Mike Gorriceta said that his idea of an amazing woman are the working mothers out there. “I say that they are the best example of an amazing woman because they work at daytime and then, when they arrive home, they still help with the assignments of their children and still manages the household.” To which I replied, “Oh, just like my mother.”
Vice Mayor Jed Mabilog, on the other hand, says that his amazing woman is someone who is simple and in order. “Modest and intelligent. God-fearing who lives a Christian life, a loving and understanding wife and caring and responsible mother.”
My cousin's husband, Warren Salvilla of Ford Iloilo said that his amazing woman is someone with superpowers – the power to love, the power to understand, the power to sacrifice and to give everything that she has. And he's proud to have found her in my cousin.
My brother Kris's amazing woman is someone who is independent, patient, humble, caring, carefree and God-fearing.
Anthony Po of Mindworxx said that for him, an amazing woman is someone who is extremely capable in managing her own business and then goes home to create an exceptionally warm haven.
And I think the sweetest of all was what my boyfriend Glenn said, “Like your mom, Mrs. Villalon.” I really agree with him and thus, follows my ode to two most wonderful women in my life, I call them the Roses.
My mom Rose is the type of person you would love to be with. Although she's talkative and can be irritable when she's tired (who isn't), she's active, knows what she wants and always in control of the situation, very caring and most of all, chooses to love, not hate and chooses to accept, not reject.
When we were kids, I could never forget the times that she would juggle time with the business, manage the house, cook our food and help us with our assignments. She's never absent in parent-teachers association meetings and other gatherings that required her presence.
Another amazing woman for me is my mother-in-law, Rose. Everytime I visit her house, she's showing me something new in the house and mostly, she did them with her own hands. There's the painting of the closet damaged by the flood, the planter she erected recently for her camote, the cute white fences she made on the planter inside the garage and many more that even I can't imagine doing. She never wastes her retirement days on idle gossip about other people's lives or just lying around and gain weight. For her, time is gold that should be spent on improvements and other positive preoccupations. Also, my late husband used to tell me that his mom can handle men's jobs. Yeah, he's really right and that for me, is really amazing.
When I'm sick and down, her presence somehow lifts me up. She's always there to give her love, time and support. When I'm sick, she would help bring me back to health by accompanying me to the doctor and by her tireless prayers of protection. Lately, I've learned another important lesson from her. To be happy, you have to eat, pray and love.
Now, I know why I had to meet my late husband, so I could have two mothers and I'll be forever grateful for that.
And to the men. What if you found your amazing woman? How do you keep her? I asked my female friends what would make them happy with their man and here's a compilation of what I gathered: Give her your time and attention (women love emotional connection) because she wants to express to you what's on her mind; make her your priority in life, let her share the joy of being with your family and friends, maintain a positive attitude around her; respect and honor her and share in her faith in God./Marie Katherine Villalon

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