Money Under 30 – Pocket Guide for a Millennial

Over a century, Sun Life has been an advocate to help people deal with their life goals and financial situations. They have seen the worst scenarios that one can undergo. This caused them to pursue financial literacy campaigns all over the country, hoping to create a generation with a brighter life. 

One of these is Sun Life FUNday Iloilo held at Dova Brunch Café recently. An afternoon fun packed with life learning and financial tips, Money Under 30 was graced by Miss Katrina Loring, a young and successful entrepreneur and Mr. Michael Gustilo, Sun Life Visayas Regional Sales Manager.

Together, they shared their personal stories on financial stability and success.

Check out this “Pocket Guide for a Millennial” to take your finances to the next level. 
Money Under 30 – Identify needs from wants
Most of us, if not all, have gone through the scenario of labeling our wants as needs when we were younger. However, when the pressure of real life hits us, it comes naturally that we begin to see the …

Say it with Love

Love. A four letter word. Sometimes, four cupcakes in a box to express how you feel.

Mrs. Wharton Pastries, London Bakes and English Teas offers Love Box, a delightful box of four delicious cupcakes which is an ideal gift, take-home treat or surprise to express our love or affection towards someone.

Mrs. Wharton is a British shop, so the Love Box was named as such because in England, people there call everybody, even strangers “love” or “luv”. For example, you walk in a restaurant or cafe, it’s normal for the waitress to ask, “What are you having, luv?” or “What can I get you, luv?”

What’s in a Love Box? Depending on your choice, it could be cupcakes, cookies, muffins or scones. The cupcake choices include Apple Cinnamon, Red Velvet, Vegan Chocolate, and Guiltless Chocolate. These are available for single purchase at P50 each but the Love Box is only P150 with already four goodies.

Apple Cinnamon cupcake is packed with healthy apple bits and cinnamon, and it is a delicious blend of spice an…

Why God hides and where to find Him

The experience of wonder is a universal occurrence. One of the thingswe wonder about is the hidden Designer, Creator, and Maintainer of the universe. The world is clear and manifest to us, but its Maker, theultimate Cause of it all, is not. Our reason tells us that He must be there, that He exists, and that He is almighty, omniscient, unchangeable, eternal, and just.
It is enough to look at a blooming rose, admire the colors and symmetry of its construction and sense its fragrance, to conclude that there is an intelligent designer and artist. For the beauty of a rose cannot be pure chance. The same is true for the fertilization of flowers by insects with pollen on their legs. Consider too the arrangements in man’s optical and hearing systems, the superb activity of the brain, and the splendid immunity system of the human body.  Could all of them be just chance? But it is also true that a veil covers God from our sense perceptions.

The mind can figure that this is because He is infinite …

Rainy day and seamless R&R in Seda Atria

Waking up early to the sound of rain in a strange but happy place. Looking at a historical landmark from my hotel window while sipping a cup of peppermint tea. Watching the raindrops against the window while meditating. A seamless hotel experience. I had all these recently.
April to June are my busiest and most stressful months and it was capped with an unfortunate visit to a hospital’s emergency room and several days of agonizing over my lab results. During that time, I imagined myself having a nice vacation. God listened, sent his angels, so I found myself spending the night at Seda Atria. #grateful

AMENITIES Owned by the Ayala Land Hotels and Resorts Corporation (AHRC), 4-star hotel Seda Atria is technologically advanced with its fast and paperless check-in. In just one minute, I already got my hotel keycard and was ushered to the elevator that will bring me to my floor.
I spent the whole afternoon and late evening in their luxurious room, just lying down on their comfy bed. Their beds…

An anxious Ilongga’s refuge in a mall

There was a time whenever I go to a crowded and noisy place, I would have an anxiety attack - sudden fear, trembling, hot flash, palpitations and shortness of breath.

One unforgettable experience was when I went to SM City Iloilo to buy something. It must have been the combined sound of loud music and simultaneous chattering of the crowd that triggered my anxiety. As soon as I felt the symptoms start, I wasted no time and looked for an escape - SM Southpoint.

Thankfully, there’s an open area with faux grass and a bench near a steakhouse on the second floor. There, I did some breathing exercises until the anxiety goes away.

(Tip: an anxiety attack happens when a person least expects it. It’s not like one goes to a place and starts to think “this place is crazy, I am going to have an attack”. When your companion is having an anxiety attack, stay with him/her but do not attempt a conversation, let the person sit and breathe in silence until ready).

FINDING REFUGE One Sunday morning found me …

How Panay Eye Center can help save your eyesight

Our sense of sight is the most important among the five body senses. With proper care, eye diseases can be prevented or detected and treated early.
While eye diseases occur to people of all ages, this is prevalent among the elderly. “Senior citizens need to have their eyes checked because this is the time when the eyes start to degenerate. Prevention is better than cure,” said Dr. Karen Francia, an ophthalmologist and head of the Panay Eye Center based in Iloilo Doctor’s Hospital.
“Some common eye diseases include cataracts, glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy and macular degeneration,” said another ophthalmologist Dr. Grace Hojilla.

EYE DISEASES EXPLAINED Most often, cataract is related to aging. It is the clouding of the lens in the eye which results in a blurry vision, poor night vision, and double vision. For the patient, the lights seem too bright and colors seem faded.
In the case of glaucoma, there is an increased pressure on the eye caused by fluid build up. This pressure damages the o…