Move Delivery: Ang Kamalig, Carlo's dishes at my doorstep

My family and I have developed a preference for several restaurants here in Iloilo City and the list includes Ang Kamalig Restaurant and Carlo's Bakery and Cafe.

Some of our usual fare in Ang Kamalig are their Crispy Pata, Corned Beef Sinigang, Lechon Kawali and Apan-apan. For Carlo's Bakery and Cafe, I'm crazy about their Pancit Molo and Adobo Flakes.

With my busy lifestyle, having to work at home and my town's distance from Iloilo City's restaurants, I would rather be wise in how I spend my time.

For example, if I am craving for my favorite dishes in Ang Kamalig Restaurant or Carlo's Bakery and Cafe, it would take me about close to a total of two hours of travel. That's two hours that I could spend working.

Good to know that RJT Group, the company that owns Ang Kamalig Restaurant or Carlo's Bakery and Cafe, has partnered with Move Delivery Iloilo to bring their dishes nearer to us.

Move Delivery is a third party personal assistant and delivery service. Now…

Janiuay's plea for clean, continual water supply answered

You know how it is to have a limited water supply. Not being able to take a bath on time, wash the dishes or clean the house can take a toll on one's well-being.

The residents of Janiuay are no stranger to this dilemma. There used to be a time when they would have a water supply for two days in a week only and when it does happen, the water is turbid. 

Taking ActionDesirous for a better water supply that her fellow town mates deserve, Janiuay Water District General Manager Sharon Rose Brasileno sought the help of Citicore Summa Water Corporation (CSWC), a joint venture firm between emerging utility holding firm Citicore Power Inc. (CPI) and water systems technical expert Summa Water Resources, Inc.

Thus, its subsidiary CSWater Iloilo is now handling the water supply and distribution in the municipality of Janiuay. 

A government-owned and controlled corporation under the supervision of the Local Water Utilities Administration (LWUA), the Janiuay Water District's task is to monitor …

Med Plus App: a hassle-free way for Ilonggos to connect with doctors

After I went through a mastectomy due to stage 0 breast cancer four years ago, my doctor required yearly monitoring which includes in part, a blood test and ultrasound. When I went through menopause, I often complained of several ailments which required me to go to several doctor many times in a month.

Fortunately, the results were always normal. But amid all these, I missed work and spent a lot on transportation for laboratory exams and getting the results the next day, going to the doctor’s clinic to have my name listed, and then go back again for my appointment and then wait in line. For sure, it’s even more challenging for elderly patients.

That is why when I heard about the Med Plus App (Med+) and that it partnered with Metro Iloilo Hospital and Medical Center, Inc. (MIHMCI) which is just a 15-minute ride away from my municipality, I heaved a sigh of relief.

Med+ app is a patient information and consultation system that aims to help our health care professionals, close the gap betwe…

Here's why ALS learners from far-flung Iloilo towns have a brighter tomorrow

Baliguian Island, the farthest paradise off the coast of Concepcion in Iloilo, boasts of a pristine beach with clear waters. The island is home to fisherfolk who dream of having a good education and a better life for themselves and their children.

However, because the island is hard to reach, the eager learners have no access to formal education. That is why the Alternative Learning System (ALS) facilitator Ma. Lourdes Obillos and her fellow facilitator brave the winds and waves for three hours onboard a small boat from the mainland of Concepcion to reach Baliguian Island, then treks to get to the community center to conduct informal classes.

Traveling to the island is just part of the challenge though, as the ALS set-up is never easy. Unlike in formal education, the ALS teacher is the one who goes to the community where the learners are to hold weekly multigrade classes — a single class where students are of different ages and competencies. Obillos’ ALS class is composed of three group…

From a humble spa to Spa Riviera Prime

For the last 20 years, Spa Riviera has helped men and women relax, rejuvenate and get back on their feet again to face their daily responsibilities.

They started as a humble spa with only foam, bean bags, and fresh air to make their clients comfortable. Now, Spa Riviera has become a premiere Iloilo spa with modern amenities, innovative services and three branches - General Luna, Jaro, and their soon-to-open Spa Riviera Prime in SM City Iloilo Southpoint.

But, the journey was dotted by challenges. Anna Marie Rivera-Wharton, founder and CEO, shared how the company started as a humble spa whose pioneer members were her students in Taebo class.

"Back then, I was a single mother who would look for work but nobody would accept. I can still recall the times when I carried my three-year-old daughter Anja with me around the city to look for money so we could feed ourselves. I began offering home service facials to get by. Then, I taught Taebo. When I decided to open Spa Rivera*, my first cli…

Metro Iloilo Hospital and Medical Center: making innovations for health and medical care

Metro Iloilo Hospital and Medical Center Inc. (MIHMCI) is a hospital that is owned and run by medical doctors who are serious about providing innovative and quality health care to Ilonggos.

MIHMCI boasts of top-notch facilities which include the first-ever computer-controlled pneumatic tube system to transport drugs, documents and specimen to and from laboratories, nurse stations, and cashiers.

When I set foot in their Out-Patient and Clinical Care (OPCC) to participate in one of their anniversary-related activities, a buzzing sound coming from the ceiling caught my attention. There I saw a cylindrical container being transported inside a light blue colored computer-controlled pneumatic tube. In fact, one can see that tube in every area of the hospital. It saves the nurses and staff time in going from one place to another to deliver stuff. No wonder I did not see much nurses going around even if they were full at that time.

MIHMCI  has a fully integrated computerized electronic health re…