An anxious Ilongga’s refuge in a mall

There was a time whenever I go to a crowded and noisy place, I would have an anxiety attack - sudden fear, trembling, hot flash, palpitations and shortness of breath.

One unforgettable experience was when I went to SM City Iloilo to buy something. It must have been the combined sound of loud music and simultaneous chattering of the crowd that triggered my anxiety. As soon as I felt the symptoms start, I wasted no time and looked for an escape - SM Southpoint.

Thankfully, there’s an open area with faux grass and a bench near a steakhouse on the second floor. There, I did some breathing exercises until the anxiety goes away.

(Tip: an anxiety attack happens when a person least expects it. It’s not like one goes to a place and starts to think “this place is crazy, I am going to have an attack”. When your companion is having an anxiety attack, stay with him/her but do not attempt a conversation, let the person sit and breathe in silence until ready).

FINDING REFUGE One Sunday morning found me …

How Panay Eye Center can help save your eyesight

Our sense of sight is the most important among the five body senses. With proper care, eye diseases can be prevented or detected and treated early.
While eye diseases occur to people of all ages, this is prevalent among the elderly. “Senior citizens need to have their eyes checked because this is the time when the eyes start to degenerate. Prevention is better than cure,” said Dr. Karen Francia, an ophthalmologist and head of the Panay Eye Center based in Iloilo Doctor’s Hospital.
“Some common eye diseases include cataracts, glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy and macular degeneration,” said another ophthalmologist Dr. Grace Hojilla.

EYE DISEASES EXPLAINED Most often, cataract is related to aging. It is the clouding of the lens in the eye which results in a blurry vision, poor night vision, and double vision. For the patient, the lights seem too bright and colors seem faded.
In the case of glaucoma, there is an increased pressure on the eye caused by fluid build up. This pressure damages the o…

The Perfect Planners: your event delivered with perfection

Any life event is best celebrated with a perfectly planned gathering. However, the tedious process of budgeting, scheduling, and dealing with suppliers like the venue, food, decorations, transportation, photographers and more could take a whole chunk of one's time, energy, patience, peace of mind and health.

I should know, for I felt ugly and harassed during my wedding day. We handled the wedding preparations by ourselves but with the help of family. When the wedding day came, I was tired and was coming down with a cold; blame it on the stress from all the preparations. During the reception, I just felt like resting instead of facing the guests. The photos showed exactly how I felt that day.

So, if you found The One and are getting married, why not do it right the first time? Let the experts handle your wedding preparations. It would save you time, money, energy, and unnecessary stress. 

And you would be in your best - radiant, vibrant, energetic and happy - during this once in a lif…

S&R New York Style Pizza opens in Robinsons Iloilo

S&R New York Style Pizza has a stand-alone restaurant in Iloilo City and it is on the ground floor, Mabini Wing of Robinsons Place Iloilo.

Previously, the store is housed inside the warehouse wherein only members can enter and purchase. But at the stand-alone outlet, everyone can buy. No membership needed.

"We understand that there is a brand love for S&R New York Style Pizza and not everyone wants to pay P700 for a membership card. So we thought, why not bring it to the malls like Robinsons and SM?" said S&R Marketing Head Velinda Funelas.

The cost of the food in this medium service restaurant is slightly higher compared to that in the warehouse but members will be able to enjoy a 5% discount. So, members need not go to the warehouse at Pison Avenue if they crave for S&R New York Style Pizza while they are within the City Proper area or if they are shopping in Robinsons Place Iloilo.

The store has a great ambience that enhances the customer's dining experien…

Parisian shoes and bags for summer

No matter what season, shoes and bags are our guilty shopping pleasure.  And this summer, Parisian Shoes, and Bags lets you elevate your street and resort style with its new collection.

Few things are as easy as slipping on a pair of mules, and at Parisian, it was all about happy and bright mule flats. Buckles are also coming in strong for summer either for a retro effect, or simply a classic shoe design. Parisian Shoes also lets you put your best foot forward in easy breezy espadrilles and woven shoes which come in both flats and heeled designs. 

Wicker and straw bags make us think of summer, the beach, and picnics, and we all love seeing them. At Parisian, wicker wonders come in the form of sling bags to backpacks, some combined with fabrics and textures. These are great choices for a seaside holiday or a stroll around the city.

Parisian Shoes and Bags Summer Collection is available at SM Stores nationwide. Get connected with Parisian through Parisian Shoes and Bags on Facebook https:/…

Vista Iloilo communicity bustling with Vista Mall opening

Vista Iloilo, a communicity has become more alive with the opening of Vista Mall Iloilo in the heart of Oton, Iloilo along Circumferential Road 1 Savanah, Pulo Maestra Vita, just 15 minutes away from the Iloilo International Ariport. 

The mall introduces a unique shopping and dining experience for Ilonggos residing not only within and nearby the sprawling communicity but also from other parts of the region because of its world-class amenities, diverse selection of restaurants and an impressive line-up of local and global brands.

"Our home buyers appeal for places to buy their needs for the home, such as construction materials, sanitary wares, tiles and more. So we came up with AllHome. AllHome in Iloilo is our 17th branch. All that you value has arrived in Iloilo," said Mr. Manny Villar, founder of Vista Land during the opening of Vista Mall Iloilo on May 17, 2018.

Best known as the ultimate one stop shop for home building, renovating and furnishing needs, AllHome contin…

Miss Makeover, makeup and self-acceptance

"Jet-set from the idyllic beaches of Iloilo’s Isla Gigantes to the lush jungles of Bali as you follow beauty writer and makeup maven Mara Francisco, Miss Makeover’s heroine, in her funny yet heartfelt search for true love — after she’s transformed in the makeover of her life. Get ready to laugh, cry, and get that dose of "kilig" as Mara embarks on a crazy adventure in a bizarre, back-to-basics boot camp in Carles, Iloilo where she’s barefaced — yet face-to-face with men who just might be The One for her. Who will Mara choose? And more importantly, will it be the right choice?" - Miss Makeover by Claire Betita de Guzman

1. Kikay-ness
Miss Makeover kept me up all night on Valentine's Day. As I read, I learned about quick makeup fixes and felt amused at a social media influencer cum bully, a not-so-relaxed relaxation coach eaten by jealousy, and young and idealistic writers, who all contributed to some of the lead character's predicaments…