'Aspirin breath' relieves stress

Master Del Pe is an international expert in energy medicine and the chief designer of ESOCEN Healing Science with 10 healing specializations including AIDS/HIV, cancer, pain, life-threatening diseases, diabetes, sleep issues, menopause, addiction elimination and learning issues. He is co-founder and president of the World Institute for Incurable Diseases (WIID) and the author of five books, self-healing CDs and exercise DVDs. He believes that good health is not just the absence of disease, but rather, can be achieved through physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well-being. His system is both preventative and enhances long-term health for his clients. The result is in-depth healing, higher inspiration and transformation of core health issues.
Master Del Pe is quite credible as he has 25 years of work in this area. He has worked with government, associations and non-governmental organizations, pharmaceuticals and health care, computer and technology companies, banking and financial institutions, education organizations and foundations, among others.
The presscon he has scheduled for us was not your usual question and answer session but rather a mini-seminar of sorts. He encouraged everybody to share his or her concerns (health) and he willingly offered solutions. One media practitioner mentioned about insomnia. As a solution, Master Del Pe shared what he calls the “aspirin breath”, which he said, enables one to increase the level of oxygen in one’s brain compared to carbon dioxide. He said that one reason why people have insomnia is low level of oxygen in one’s brain, thus our brain keeps us awake. For of the brain does not get its required level, it will die. Anyway, here is the exercise, to be done in three sets. Sit straight on a chair, with your palms resting on your lap. Raise your head and while doing so, inhale. Then, lower it towards your chin, while exhaling. Do this four times in a fast manner. After that, return your head to its normal position, close your eyes and focus your mind on your pineal gland (that area located in the middle and topmost portion of your head) as well as on the area in the middle of your two brows, just above the bridge of your noise. Do this relaxation for a minute. Then, repeat the whole process. Three sets would do just fine. It’s quite effective.
It is called the aspirin breath because it’s a ‘cure all’ kind of thing. It’s a good way to relax you if you are under stress. It flushes out worries from your mind and it develops certain levels of intelligence. Your energy is in your head and you have to concentrate on the pineal gland in order to stimulate it. Rene Descares, a French philosopher, calls it the seat of the soul, the point of connection between the intellect and the body. It is also considered the third eye or the sixth chakra, believed to be a dormant organ that if awakened, can enable telepathic communication.
Master Del Pe, in his seminars, share the following ideas: how to use the seven cycles of your year to save money and time by avoiding mistakes in business and personal decisions; achieve more happiness and success by knowing the best times of your year to start a new personal or business relationship; solve big problems faster and better by knowing the time of your year you can remove obstacles most easily; empowering yourself by knowing the best time in your year to end negative relationships and overcome bad habits; and have more time and balance in life by matching the right cycle for work, family, vocation and personal growth with the right activity.
He has CDs, DVDs and four books for sale. They touch on the following: Inner Powers to Maximize Your Performance; From Success to Fulfillment; Hidden Dangers of Meditation and Yoga; and Eight Types of Leaders Every Leader Should Know. For more information, contact these numbers: 0908.378.7757 or 0906.574.3899 or e-mail to esemphil@gmail.com./Marie Katherine Villalon

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