More children with cancer need care

The birth, growth and early development of Alexander John “Sander” Hitalia, 6, were normal. He is a Kinder 2 student at Pandac Elementary School and is in the top 5 of his class. He is playful and friendly.
In April 2006, he suffered joint paints, on and off fever, loss of appetite, paleness and weight loss. In July 2006, he was diagnosed with Acute lymphocytic leukemia (ALL). Chemotherapy was required. His parents raised money from 5/6 loans and P10,000 from the Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office but that money has been depleted.
Rommel Jad Kale Oliveros Deopita or “RK”, 3, of Dumangas, developed an on and off fever last September 2008. He was later on diagnosed with ALL.
ALL is a type of cancer with symptoms of aches in arms, legs and back, black and blue marks for no apparent reason, enlarged lymph nodes, fever without obvious cause, headaches, pale-looking skin, pinhead-sized red spots under the skin, prolonged bleeding from minor cuts, shortness of breath during physical activity, tiredness and vomiting.
RK is presently living with his grandparents, his mother Melanie's parents. His lolo is unemployed and his lola earns from doing laundry, and she takes care of RK. Melanie, on the other hand, is the breadwinner of her family and helps put her youngest sister to school. She is worried that being a contractual worker, she'll be out of work soon.
The chemotherapy of both children are now being supported by the Mga Kaibigan ng Mga Kabataang May Kanser (KKK).
During an interview with our president, Dr. Socorro Martinez last December, RK was quiet and shy but definitely happy with the toy gifts she brought for him. “He never spoke and only once did he give a slight smile. He kissed me though and gave me a hug when it was time to say goodbye.”
KKK continuously relies on fund raising activities and donations in order to pay for the children's chemotherapy sessions. Its past activities are a ballet concert, play, musical and dance concert and a fashion show where those involved volunteered their talents in order to raise funds for the children.
Children are God's gifts that we need to care for in all aspects. Apart from teaching them good values of love and respect for family and other people, we are also responsible for their physical well-being. I believe it is not just the parents' sole obligation to care for every child that needs help. There is a call for the public's help, too.
For more information about KKK and its projects, visit or e-mail to Katherine Villalon

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