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Hope and pride

The past three weeks had been emotional times for KKK, Mga Kaibigan ng Mga Kabataang May Kanser and it had been a story of hope.
I received a message from our president, Doc Cora, telling us that the chemotherapy sessions for two of our kids (Eden Mar Miranda and John Philip Java) had been stopped and they were placed in support care. I asked her, “You mean, they will die?” And she said, “Yes.”
There were nightly tears since then, agonizing over many worries: Will they be in pain when they start to bleed? Are the parents going to be okay? It must be awful for them to see their loved one die before their eyes, bleeding. Then came the fervent prayers (close to begging) that He would let the children pass away peacefully in their sleep.
One year with KKK and spending some time with the kids during interview with their parents, children's day out, art classes and other activities with them, is enough to bond with them. For Doc Cora, Doc Lita and Doc Caso who come in contact with the c…