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No greater love

Perhaps one of the most touching stories I've ever read about was that of Joseph De Veuster's or more popularly known as Father Damien the Leper or Father Damien of Molokai.
He is of Belgian descent and was beatified in June of 1995 under the title of Blessed Father Damien, Servant of Humanity.
Despite his parents' longings for him to help them in their farm, Joseph decided to be a priest. In his growing up years, Joseph's mother kept sharing to him stories about the lives of the holy people and about God. Somehow, this has a profound effect on his decision to be priest.
Father Damien believed that the only way we can discover life is when we accept death. That conviction was put to the test when, after 13 years of his priesthood, he decided to live with the lepers of Molokai (in Hawaii).
Who in his right mind and good health would decide to live in a leper colony? Today, leprosy is curable in the early stages, thus averting disability. But in the 17th century, there …