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Child laborers: Implement child protection laws

Child laborers reiterate their stand that they, too, have rights and these should be respected. They made this call when they gathered at Four-Season Hotel last Oct. 20,2009 for the Children's Month Celebration.

These child participants are beneficiaries of the World Vision Development Foundation, Inc. (WVDF), Educational Research and Development Assistance, Inc. (ERDA) and Rising Sun Association of Iloilo, Inc. here in the province of Iloilo.

The children noted that three years after the Visayas Children's Congress held in Punta Villa, Iloilo last May 20 to 23, 2006, many laws on child protection had been passed, proving that the children's voices were heard. However, the children demand that these laws should be implemented.

“The laws that should protect our rights and punish those who abuse us, were not fully implemented. We urge the government to implement these laws so that no child will ever be abused,” goes the children's statement issued last October 20.

One of the…

Initiatives against child labor continue

Child labor is still a cause for concern in the Province of Iloilo. According to statistics gathered by the ABK2 Initiative of World Vision International, as of September 2009, there are 2,104 children who are engaged in child labor and 546 at risk of becoming child laborers in the municipalities of Ajuy (727), Duenas (436), Estancia (721), Iloilo City (157) and San Enrique (609).

Most of these numbers are in the sugarcane plantations, where 1,125 children are working there, followed by 701 who are into scavenging, 452 in fishing, 362 in domestic work, six in commercial sexual exploitation and four in agriculture.


Child laborers expose themselves to risks. According to the statistics provided by the National Survey on Children 2001, National Statistics Office, 2.4-million of four million children (59 percent) were exposed to chemical, physical and/or biological hazards. The chemical hazards are silica dust, saw dust, oil, gasoline, mercury, mist, fumes, vapors, ammonia, to name a f…

ABC: Abortion and breast cancer

According to Pro-Life advocates, there’s a new reason why women should shun from using the Pill.
Dr. Rene Josef Bullecer, who specializes in infectious diseases and proponent of Human Life International in the Philippines, presented a finding by the World Health Organization that oral contraceptives can cause cancer to humans and that 599,000 deaths yearly are due to breast cancer.
He said that progesterone in pills can cause high blood (making blood sticky), increase risk of blot clots, cause breast cancer and heart disease. “The risk continues even after they stop taking the birth control pills. The effect is irreversible,” he said.
He also cited several problems that can occur with the use of the estrogen pills, like loss of sex drive, headaches, acne, weight gain, vaginal infections, depression and gall bladder diseases.
Progesterone and estrogen prevents the egg from being released from the ovaries because they make the uterus believe that it is pregnant. They make the uterus a h…

Saving yet eating healthy

Shiela May, 36, is a mother of three. She is a graduate of a four-year course and owns a placement agency. However, with the global economic crisis, she's forced to close down her business and look for a job in order to feed and send her three children to school. She told me that most often, she feeds her children noodles or sardines.
Victoria Jane, 32, a mother of four. She owns a souvenir shop but can barely pay the rent. Her husband subsidizes the operational and rental expenses from his own salary. To save further, Victoria feeds noodles to her children almost every morning. With noodles, children won't get any proper nutrition at all.
Jester John, 19, said that his sister had to spend hours working in a farm in order to help buy their meal for the day. He said that when his sister and his parents don't have any income for the day, they eat rice with salt or get papaya from a nearby tree and that would be their meal for the day.
With the global economic crisis, even th…

Thyself before others

The title reeks of selfishness. Yes, there are instances when you need to prioritize yourself before others.
I was reminded of a lecture made by Anthony Pangilinan. He explained that it's wrong to divide your time just between your family and your work. Rather, the division of time should be in three parts: relational, professional and most of all, personal.
The relational aspect refers to the time you spend with your family and friends. The professional aspect refers to work. Then, the most important is the personal aspect, which refers to the time you allot for yourself, like praying, rest, exercise, reading literature that interests you, sleeping and taking a break, among others.
Pangilinan calls this the “pour in and pour out” idea. In other words, how can you give much of yourself to others when you have nothing to give?
Insist on your right to get enough rest or sleep; let your family and friends respect this. A tired or sleepy parent will end up screaming at his or her kid …