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Feeding your dragons and staying young

I was able to talk to actress Glaiza de Castro during a lunch organized by GMA Network two weeks ago. She plays the role of Eunice, considered as the antagonist (kontrabida) in the teleserye entitled “Stairway to Heaven”. During our discussion, she brought up a point regarding the teleserye's impact on her.

“Being an antagonist could be draining and tiring. To be more effective in my role, I really get into the character and even after the director says 'cut' I'm having a hard time letting it out. This happens when I am in a very tense scene that need so much of my energy. It's worse if we have to do the scene repeatedly, thus I end up doing things I should not do. One time, I slapped Dingdong Dantes' character which was not on the script. Anyway, it would take a long time for me to get out of that character. Sometimes, I have to cry to just get out of that role I got into. Outside of the camera, I tend to imbibe Eunice's character. When I get angry, my sis…

Child labor and other forms of child abuse

Jomari, a child from Estancia, dives along with his father in order to operate the compressors used in nylon shells propagation. This is deep sea fishing and considered as the worst form of child labor. Soledad, 9, of Estancia, lives with her aunt and the latter asks her to help out in the house. Teaching children to help in household chores is okay, but to treat them as laborers rather than like a family member and if this already deprives the child the ability to study well, it's no longer acceptable. Soledad always absents herself from school because she has to work in her aunt's house. Jeff always sleeps in school and when he's not in school, he joins his father in collecting shrimps and crabs. There's no time for learning anymore. Bethany, 12, said that she works in a sugarcane plantation in Duenas every weekend. Sometimes, she faints from dehydration. Most of the time, she injures herself.

Children have the right to education and play, as part of their childhood…