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Reduce your carbon footprints

We have been emitting too much of carbon dioxide that global warming has been felt everywhere in the world already. Terry Root, a senior fellow with Stanford University's Institute for International Studies (IIS) and lead author of the Jan. 2 Nature study, said that the earth has warmed by an average of 1 degree F (0.6 C) over the past 100 years. She added that far-reaching effects will be felt by species and ecosystems by 2100, when temperatures could increase as much as 11 F (6 C). The global average sea level has risen, the heat in the ocean has increased as well and snow cover and ice extent have decreased. Island nations and low-lying ones like some areas in the Philippines (including Iloilo City) would be affected. Root added that the effect of global warming, she said, has disrupted the connectedness among the species, which could lead to numerous extinctions.

Humans will also suffer more heat-related illnesses as well as pulmonary problems. A not so healthy population i…