Energy in motion

The Groovers, Best Performer during the first elimination round
By Kathy PURR Villalon
Photos by Ricky Alejo

I read somewhere that the hiphop community no longer wants to use the word “breakdancing”. They prefer “b-boyin`”.
Expect to witness a lot of b-boyin’ and other hiphop styles as Robinsons Place Iloilo once again holds its yearly Dance Showdown competition. The first elimination was held last July 17 with six groups participating.
360 Degrees’ choreography had humor and one of the dancers did an amazing backflip without using his hands. However, the group’s focus was more on entertaining rather than impressing the judges with the essential elements in dancing – unity and the tasteful combination of songs. Old Style Crew was very energetic but needed more choreography. The Groovers, the finalist and adjudged as the Best Performer, presented an excellent choreography despite a lack in the dance styles. It was a bunch of dancing porters and chefs who fused hiphop and chacha. Crypt Nasty Crew, another finalist exhibited many b-boyin’ styles. The group was energetic and forceful in a dark manner. The dancers’ endurance was amazing. Clean Cutz, another finalist had a few dance styles but the costume and the energy made up for it. The last group, Stylers was composed of boys-next-door who had energy but had to improve on the accuracy of their steps.
The word “energy” was repeatedly used in this article because this is one of the elements that make a dance piece stand out. A piece has no audience impact if it’s not delivered with force.
The three finalists will compete in the semi-finals on September.
Dance Showdown is a project of JPC Productions in cooperation with Robinsons Place Iloilo./Marie Katherine Villalon

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