Fit and Fine

By Kathy M. Villalon

Fitness enthusiast Jackie Lou Blanco was recently the host of “Fit and Fine” a show held at SM City Iloilo. She was joined by Dr. Rolando Balburias, a doctor of The Medical City.
“Fit and Fine” was the second episode of the duo’s “Eat Your Heart Out” project. The first was in Manila where they talked about guilt-free gourmet cooking. “Fit and Fine”, on the other hand, comprised of heart-healthy cooking, fitness demo and interactive forum involving nutrition and heart specialists like Drs. Carol Hernandez, Leo Malunes and Roberto Estepar. Also, physical therapist John Paul Miclat showed several stretching exercises that we can do even while at work.
The show was capped with an Open Forum. “I always feel my chest being squeezed. This happens when I have an activity,” one woman said. Dr. Malunes replied that this is typical for the heart, but it is best to have this checked. “That’s why we consider heart disease as a traitor. You only feel the symptoms when it’s already serious,” he added. Another person asked the doctors to suggest preventive measures. Dr. Hernandez said we should begin with eating healthy by following the food pyramid. “Eat less of those on top and eat more of those in the bottom,” she said. That’s eating fruits, vegetables and whole wheat cereals and breads.*


LATERAL STRETCH FOR THE NECK. Bend the head to the left, hold for eight seconds. Reverse and hold for eight seconds. This is good for the head and neck muscles, according to John Paul Miclat (left). Another exercise is to bend the neck forward, hold for eight seconds. Bend the neck backwards and hold for another eight seconds.

ARM STRETCH. Stretch the left arm to the right while the left arm is holding it. Hold for eight seconds. Reverse and hold for another eight seconds. This is good for the shoulder muscles.

POSTERIOR PELVIC TILTS. Sit on a chair, put your right hand behind your back. Hold for six seconds. Then bend and hold for six seconds. You can do this for 10 sets. “Inhale and exhale while doing exercises, especially this one to prevent high blood pressure. This exercise stabilizes the spinal column and abdomen. You can do this at work, too,” Miclat said.

PELVIC TILT ON THE FINTESS BALL. Dr. Hernandez tries the pelvic tilt. This is good for the back and the abdominals. “For those with back problems, consult your doctor,” Miclat warned.

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