Modeling. Insights.

By Kathy "Purr" Villalon
How is modeling important for students? First, just like any competition, giving a person a certain challenge trains him or her to push himself or herself further in order to meet the required task. Second, it develops sportsmanship. It teaches the student how to compete fairly as he or she is bound by certain regulations set by the organizers of the competition. He or she discovers that the best way to get ahead of the competition is not through stepping on another person’s toes but improving oneself. Third, it provides the person with more knowledge about fashion because he or she gets to converse with designers. Designers teach them how to dress and walk better. Fourth, it gives them the opportunity to fulfill their dreams of becoming part of the fashion industry at an early age.
Robinsons Place Iloilo recognizes these elements and at the same time, they are on the look-out for new fashion models who can be the faces of the mall’s promotions. This prompted the mall to launch the yearly Campus Fashionista Model Search.
Last week, the first elimination of Campus Fashionista Model Search 2011 (its seventh) was held. There were 17 model-aspirants but only seven made it. They are Julie Cartel, Lurreza Apostol, Mon Depasupil, Jhoanne Tañada, Manuel Jorilla IV and Jose Galindo.
The judges were Bo Parcon and Jaki Penalosa, Iloilo City’s reputable fashion designers as well as Stella Hembra, marketing officer of Robinsons Place Iloilo.
For those who are interested to join the competition, you can still do so as there are two more eliminations. The second elimination will be on September.
Application forms and guidelines are available at the Marketing Communications Department of Robinsons Place Iloilo.

I just finished reading the book “Celestine Prophecy” by James Redfield. Even if it’s fiction, I was inspired by the messages that the book conveys. One is about the universe being a vast system of energy and that human conflict is due to a shortage of and a manipulation of energy. Have you ever felt drained after listening to a friend’s problem? Then she feels better because she has confided to you? She got your energy. She feels better and you feel drained. But of course, don’t let it keep you from being a good listener.
Which brings us to another source of energy, which is to feel love for everything around us. Try appreciating the trees and the people you pass by and see how it makes you feel. You can regain your lost energy through that exercise.
Another is that we are all products of our parents’ personalities. A parent who is a intimidator produces a child who is aloof. An aloof parent produces a child who wants attention so he or she’s the type who will always pester another. While the Church sees this insight as something that will drive us to blame our parents, it doesn’t have to. By knowing, we learn to forgive our parents and ourselves.*

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