Paul Conte: Dressing Up Lady Gaga

By Kathy M. Villalon

New and young fashion designer Paul Conte expressed that he wants to dress-up singer Lady Gaga.
“She is just amazing as her clothes,” Conte, winner of the 5th Robinsons Design Lab competition, told The News Today.
Conte revealed that this daring singer is his inspiration for success. “She gives me life and she inspires me. I always listen to her songs, even when I’m sketching,” he added.
Conte is only 18 years old. This third year AB Political Science student of West Visayas State University was given a glimpse of the challenges he faces if ever he decides to make fashion designing his bread and butter.
Through the Robinsons Design Lab, he was exposed to varied tasks. “Well, all of the challenges were tough. From the streetwear to the androgenous challenge and from the red carpet to the minimalist competition,” Conte said.
The mall’s competition had monthly challenges and the designers were asked to come up with related designs at a limited budget. “Winning the Best Design of the Month for the red carpet challenge made me feel like a true designer.” This is coming from a person who considers himself just a typical guy, who only dreamt of becoming a designer while enjoying his achievements in school.
The final challenge was minimalist. Conte admitted that the term “minimalist” was new to him. “I realized later on that it meant ‘simple, with less details yet with impact’. I found it hard to come up with a simple design that would look glamorous and sophisticated.”
But with his faith in God and inspiration from Lady Gaga, he was able to sketch six designs. Even if his tailor quit two weeks before the finals, he was able to produce, albeit with difficulty, his collection and eventually, his victory.

“Lady gaga once said, ‘fashion is for everybody’. This really touched me. This is absolutely true because anyone can be a model, no matter who you are,” Conte said.
He would like to see people wearing who they are. “I like to see them express themselves through their clothes. We all have the freedom to choose what to wear,” he said.
So, how does Paul Conte dress up? “I dress myself according to my feelings. Something that could express who I really am. I wear comfortable and trendy clothes,” he said.
How about dressing others? “In dressing other people, I see to it that the clothes they’re going to wear would best fit their personality. Again, you are what you wear.”
“My fashion styles were greatly influenced by famous designers like Alexander McQueen, Nicola Formichetti and a lot more.”
So, how would he dress up Lady Gaga? “When the time comes for me to dress her up, I will not make costumes. Instead, I will make her look more stunning yet weirdo. A design that would be full of heart and emotion. One that would make people say “It’s truly Paul Conte.”

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