The Power of Three: Robinsons Campus Fashionista 2011

Top pic: Grendel Alvarado, Tommy Lee O, Mon Depasupil, Jhoanne Tanada, Kent Lim and Jeffrey Rogador. Top pics, middle, right: Jhoanne Tanada and Mon Depasupil, Campus Fashionista 2011 winners.
Lower pic, left: Kent Lim, Campus Fashionista 2011 winner. Lower pic, middle, top and bottom: Campus Fashionista 2011 Runners-Up Garry Pedregosa and Kryzza Hilay. Lower pic, right: Program hosts Diana Jainga, Rofel John Parreno and Charmaine Gail Nunez.

The Robinsons Campus Fashionista search aims for the best model look, X-factor and model walk. And for this year, three persons possess these, thus they are worthy to be called as the Robinsons Campus Fashionista 2011 winners.
Campus Fashionista 2011 for the Female Category is Krista Jhoanne Tanada while for the Male Category, the winners are Mon Ryann Deloso Depasupil and Kent Lim.
The three didn’t expect to win especially when they had none or limited experience in modeling compared to the other contestants.
“Joining Robinsons Campus Fashionista was my first stint in modeling,” according to Tanada. “In fact, I didn’t even prepare much for it because of my hectic schedule in school. I just practiced walking, I just prayed and did my best,” she added.
She is planning to use her cash prize of P20,000 as payment for their coming media tour in Manila. “This way, I could lessen my parents’ financial problems,” she said.
Meanwhile, Depasupil had previous modeling stints but he considers this competition as the toughest one. But determined as he is, he prepared for it.
“During the audition, there were people who told me to tone my body. So, I went to the gym and developed my physique. I applied the more-output less-intake method in dieting. These became possible with the help of my family and friends as well as the workshop that was conducted,” he said.
Kent Lim prepared for the competition by having a healthy lifestyle. He ate healthy food, jogged, did weight lifting and exercised everyday. So, even if there were other great models out there, Lim won anyway.
MODELING LESSONS. Tanada has learned several lessons from her stint in modeling. “You have to hide your emotions and to walk without moving your shoulders. Be friendly. Respect others,” she said. “Also, be confident, do your best and push yourself to the limit,” she added.
“In modeling, one has to be prepared mentally, emotionally and physically,” Demasupil said.
But, after doing one’s best, the rest would be up to God. He knows what’s best for us, according to the three winners.
THE EVENT. The contestants modeled three sets of clothes. During the first walk, they wore the designs of the Robinsons Design Lab Alumni; second walk, swimwear by Jor-el Espina and styled by Marvin Banaag; and third walk, creations of Cherry Veric and Jeffrey Rogador.
The first runners-up were Garry Pedregosa and Kryzza Hilay. They won P10,000 each.
Hilay also won as Miss Inifinite Gym with Tanada while Drix Onang won Mr. Infinite Gym.
Jhenny Rose Victoria and Onang won as Most Photogenic.
A REAL MODEL. What sets models apart from other people with the same physique is the way they handle their appearance.
Real models maintain their make-up at a minimum. In fact, too much make-up can make one look older.
Another is their ability to maintain healthy skin. Ria Bolivar, an Ilongga who is now a supermodel, said that she does not wear make-up outside of the runway. In fact, after a show, she immediately removes her make-up and washes her face.
Another factor is the hair. A model’s hair is prone to too much chemicals because of styling. Thus, to avoid damages, one has to undergo hair treatment regularly. The choice of haircut is also important. Real models always consider the shape of their face when deciding on a haircut.
Most of all, dress like a model. Don’t use ordinary clothes, but don’t overdress either.* (Marie Katherine  Villalon, The News Today, Oct. 13, 2011)

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