Sexy Diva Cherry Callao

Cherry Callao is the latest addition to Ilonggo entertainers who will boost the city’s reputation of being a rich source of musical talents.
Cherry Callao

Even at a very young age, Cherry, now 20 years old, loved to dance, especially ballroom dancing.
Cherry is a good singer, too. This talent was enhanced further during her trip to Manila last year wherein she jammed with the Graphix Band, the band of her brother Val. (She came from a family of musicians, with her dad as a band member, her mother a singer and another brother Rein a member of the Zoo Band). “I was jamming with them and that was when Ronelo (Ladiao) discovered me,” she said.
So, with much prodding from Ronelo, Cherry recorded her first song entitled “Ikaw Gid Lang.”
“We sent copies of the song to varied stations and it was in Bacolod that her song became a hit,” said Ronelo, who co-wrote the song. “Many Ilonggo artists are popular in Bacolod because the city is more open to local entertainers,” he added.
“Ikaw Gid Lang” talks about Cherry’s past love. “I was heartbroken when I found out that my boyfriend had someone else. There were many, in fact. That experience influenced this song,” she said.
After the success of “Ikaw Gid Lang”, Cherry, again with Ronelo’s collaboration, came up with her second song, “Kasubo” which tells of love lost.
While she may not be lucky in love, Cherry’s career as a singer keeps getting better. She is now working on her first album that will be entitled “Miss Bayle” which suits her packaging as a singer and ballroom dancer. “It’s mostly Latin,” she shared.
The song will have its music video and it will be shot in the island province of Guimaras. The music video is a collaboration of Ronelo and Noel de Leon.
Cherry is one-third of the recently launched group called Ilongga Divas. Her fellow singers in the group are Sheila Barrios and Irish D.
Cherry is optimistic that more opportunities to perform will open up for her.
“I’m very proud of Ilonggo songs. I’ve always wanted to compose our own songs. I hope that with what I’m doing, I’m also raising our pride as Ilonggos,” she concluded. (Marie Katherine Villalon, The News Today, August 24, 2011)

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