Why kill so you could live?

Killing of other animals is not part of God’s plan.
So, a person who wishes to live a spiritual life does not need to kill other animals to satisfy his appetite.
A plant-based diet does not only save the planet from a lot of problems, it also enables a person to live a longer and healthier life. And if he is healthy, he can learn more about religion.
This was shared by Glenn Maypa of the Seventh Day Adventist during the start of their one-year celebration of 100 years of Adventism in Panay held recently at Robinsons Place Iloilo.
At the booth, they allowed mallers to taste varied vegetarian dishes like veggie siomai, nuggets, monggo bars, soya drink and valenciana.
One visitor said it was her first time to eat veggie siomai and was quite happy that there are healthy alternatives to her red meat favourites. “Now, I can get rid of the red meat and eat vege-meat,” she said. Vege-meat is made of either gluten or soya, which are plant-based.
“Vegetarianism is a unique teaching of the Adventist Church and we encourage our members to follow this original diet,” Maypa said.
“This diet enables a person not to overeat. Secondly, it prevents cardiovascular diseases,” he added.

Aside from the vegetarian food tasting, on exhibit were streamers that suggest our life should be filled with celebrations ... the right kind.
C stands for choice, meaning that whatever we choose now would define our destiny. E stands for exercise, the elixir of energy. L stands for liquid, referring to water which is important to our body functions; drinking 6-8 glass of water was one of the suggestions.
E stands for environment; good people care for the environment. B stands for belief, which is the basis of our spirituality; believing in God promotes good health, satisfaction and happiness.
R stands for rest, the restorer of our resiliency; fatigue chokes our brain’s functions. A stands for air, the activator of our vitality; good sources of oxygen are plants and trees, mountains, forests and moving waters while places that do not have ventilation, highways and airports reek of air pollution.
T stands for temperance, which means we have to avoid those that are bad for us (smoking, drinking alcohol, drugs, etc) and be moderate in things that are good for us.
I stands for integrity, the state of being morally sound, upright, honest and sincere; are you doing things that lead people to distrust you?
O stands for optimism; be a light to others, be positive, laugh amid trials. N stands for nutrition, wherein a plant-based diet can increase one’s life span and quality of life.
S stands for social support; our survival depends on the healing power of love, intimacy and relationship.

Adventism started in the Philippines with the arrival of American missionaries in 1911.
With only 12 members, the faith grew to 35,000 at present. Maypa attributes this growth to their varied programs for family life, youth, adult, media and evangelism.
He said the celebration aims to spread the Adventist message of hope and the coming of the Lord Jesus Christ.

This is the second installment of last week’s topic on focus.
Another thing that helps a person focus is a to-do list.
A list shortens your working time because you don’t waste minutes thinking about what to do next. Plus, you save yourself from the embarrassment of having to tell your supervisor “I forgot” many times.
So, every night, write down the things you’re supposed to accomplish the next day.
Place this to-do list on your work table and check each item every time you finish a task. A list helps you to focus in getting things done.
Make it your goal to have all items filled with check marks at the end of the day. A fully accomplished to-do list is visual proof that you have been productive.
It also tells you went to stop. That way, you don’t feel guilty relaxing afterwards.*(Marie Katherine  Villalon, The News Today, Sept. 1, 2011)

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