Young diva Irish D.

For a 16-year-old, her confidence is amazing.
This is how Ronelo Ladiao, writer and artist, describes Ilongga singing sensation Irish D. (Dinopol) when he saw her perform during one contest.
That confidence earned her the first prize and it was the start of her big break.
Since then, she performs in different concerts together with her fellow Ilongga Divas Sheila Barrios and Cherry Callao, who were also discovered by Ladiao.
Irish revealed that she had been joining singing contests since Grade 2 and she always won.
She came from a family of singers. Her father, mother and sister all sing but it was Irish who really became serious about this talent.
Those who have heard her sing will definitely believe that Irish can become another Angeline Quinto. “I like her a lot,” said Irish.
Irish is passionate about music that she took up Music Education in West Visayas State University.
So, how do her classmates deal with her being popular? “Some of them couldn’t believe it. They asked me if I’m that person they heard singing over the radio. Sometimes, I’m so shy to tell them,” she said.
In this course, Irish is set to learn not only singing but also playing different instruments.
“I want to be able to make my own music,” she reasoned.
Irish also makes use of her God-given talent to serve God. “I sing in church,” she said. She’s a member of the Four Square Church together with fellow Ilongga Divas.
“My favourite song is ‘All for Love’. It’s about man as a sinner and no matter how many times we’ve sinned, Jesus is still there for us because of his love,” she said. Then, she started belting out some lines from the song.
“I really want to be successful in singing and to be popular. I want to share my talent. I want to show people that the talent that Jesus gave to us should be shared to others,” she added.
She is set to release her songs entitled “Ikaw” and “Paano Na?”, both collaborations with Ladiao./Marie Katherine Villalon

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