Creepy happenings in an old building

Rotary Midtowners with their spouses
The Rotary Club of Midtown Iloilo beat everybody to being the first group in Iloilo that celebrated Halloween as early as the second week of October.
The party was held at the multi-purpose pavilion of the Garden of the Ascension Memorial Park. The guests, dressed in their scariest costumes, felt like they were visiting a wake starting with having to sign on a guestbook and being greeted by a Lincoln hearse inside a room lighted with funeral lights. Surrounding the pavilion were black and orange flagpoles apart from the real tombs not so far from the site.
The program started with an invocation by Spouse Arlene Chu (a Rotarian’s wife has ‘spouse’ indicated before her name), followed by Spouse Weendyle Asuncion, the singing of the Rotary song and four-way test headed by Past President Noel Gumayao and a welcome address by club President Jaresh Ng. Rotarian Caroline Javellana provided a history of Halloween as guests enjoyed the dinner catered by Grillers.
Angel Squad Dancers, an all-girl dance group swayed to “Thriller”. After that, games like Shake, Rattle and Roll; Scary Face Dance, Vampire Drink and Bone Hunting, were played. Dr. Daylinda Chung won the Shake, Rattle and Roll game. Couple Alfonso and Marissa Go won the Vampire Drink game. Eduardo Ty won the Scary Face Dance.
Meanwhile, Past President Francis Chung and Caroline Javellana were adjudged as Halloween King and Queen 2011.
It was the first time for the club to hold a Halloween party. Impressed by its creativity, Ng said that the RCMI’s sister club in Marikina reportedly wanted to duplicate it.
It was after all, very eerie and authentic!

During a conversation with a clairvoyant, she mentioned that humans and souls who wander the earth share the same space but different planes.
“During my first visit to a friend’s house, I saw persons dressed in clothes in the 1800’s, roaming around, simply doing their business in the living room. The current residents of the house, of course, don’t see them,” she said.
That reminded me of the movie “Sixth Sense” when the young protagonist said “I see dead people.”
While we were holding office in the old Yuhum building at Rizal Street, an officemate who was gifted with a third eye, saw a woman wearing a black dress and veil sitting beside one of the girls at work.
A labourer urinating at the back of the building confessed to seeing an old man looking at him.
I had my own creepy experience when I was alone in the office and a crumpled piece of paper was thrown at me. It came from the direction that I was facing.
Those are just one of the many experiences felt in that building.
A ‘siruhano’ who visited pointed to the old well located at the back, so we avoided going there.
The building is now abandoned after the bank foreclosed it because the business went bad.
During an interview with Jay Ramos, a clairvoyant, he said that every place has an entity apart from the humans living in it. “They feed on your hatred and your negative thoughts. So, it’s best to be careful with what you think and feel,” he concluded.* (Marie Katherine Villalon/The News Today, October 27, 2011)

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