Tickle my funny bone

This writer would like to share a funny story from the book “Lord, Tickle My Funny Bone, Please...Short Stories and Anecdotes (Praying with a Smile)” by Rev. Fr. Nene Sinoy III and Erwin “Chico Banana” Premiro. Entitled “Sharing Your Talents”, the inspiring joke goes:

“We need to share our talents and help build the church in this world. That is why if we have any of these: A smiling face – you can be a good usherette; a good voice – a good member of the choir; and ‘matapang na mukha’ – a good collector. Tingnan natin kung hindi yan maghulog sa collection plate kung tinititigan ng dagger look!)”

“Lord, you have given each of us a talent to make us enjoy life. Make us realize that these talents are not only for our own enjoyment but also needed to be shared to others. Amen.”

Funny and inspiring, indeed.

If you’re an artist, do you make it a point to teach the younger generation or your colleagues about what you know? If you’re a sales executive, do you share secrets of your trade to your colleagues? If you’re a computer expert, do you help troubleshoot without expecting anything in return and use this knowledge to help the organization? If you’re a student, do you help a schoolmate in her or his studies? If you are a chef, do you teach your assistant chef the tricks of the trade and guide him or her?

If yes, well and good. If not, why?

There are many reasons why people don’t share what they know. In some instances, it’s deliberate out of insecurity. In other instances, it’s just being indifferent especially when one is so engrossed in his or her own troubles.

The reasons are varied but one fact is constant: we can’t bring our abilities to our graves.

Wouldn’t it be nice to ‘live forever’ by leaving a legacy? That of talent shared from one person to another, and another, and another.

* * *

Speaking of talent, two individuals who have recently showcased their artistic prowess are Jansen Felimon and Geniel Dofeliz. Their entries in the Robinsons Place Iloilo Halloween Costume Contest held last October 31 won first prize for the Scary and Fantasy Costumes respectively.

Modeled by Mark Lawrence Dumagat, Felimon’s creation for the Fantasy Category was ‘Pumpkin’.

“I used twisted newspaper, yarns, used foam on GI wire for the roots; rubber slice for the leaves and acrylic for the body paint.

The winning entry for the Scary Costume, a zombie, was modeled by Kristopher Gamayao.

Dofeliz, a performer, dancer and artistic person, said he used paint, latex, paste, clay and illustration board. He used real chicken intestines.

The other winners for the Fantasy Category are Courtney Angel Gullano, second place as Queen of Hearts; and Shelley Caravana, third place as black fairy.

The other winners of the Scary Category were Chlouie Demapanaco, second place as a ‘manananggal’; JB Santos, third place as a zombie; and Angel Faith Lachica, fourth place as a Halloween bride.* (The News Today, http://www.iloilonewstoday.com/, November 10, 2011)

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