Biodynamic healing energy therapy

Every cell in our body identifies who we are. But do you know that our cells have memories? They have the ability to remember our past experiences – happy, sad or traumatic.

These past experiences seem trivial to us now but every time we feel the same emotions felt in the past, our cellular memory is activated and elicits from us the same response we had before.
For example, if you remain attached to the memories of not being loved when you were a child, you find it hard to give and receive love, too.
Atho dela Cruz, Biodynamic Healing Energy Therapy facilitator

This “stuffy” character could lead to lower back pain. Or pent-up anger turning into cancer.

“There is a way to release these bad memories from our cells in order for us to live a happy and healthy life. It is Biodynamic Healing Energy Therapy (BHET),” according to Atho dela Cruz, facilitator of BHET.

“BHET deals with the energy activity of living organisms. This includes the relationship among energy forces and living things. This therapy works on the premise that the cells must be free from energy blockages in order for them to heal. These blockages are the result of a person’s negative feelings, chaotic lifestyle, traumatic memories as well as genetic and societal programming,” dela Cruz explained.

“These blockages are relieved through the application of the Divine Life Force’s healing energy and the pure intention to heal through the facilitator who functions as the vessel or channel of that healing energy,” he added.

Biodynamic Healing Energy Therapy is non-invasive because a person is asked to lie down while the facilitator uses intuition while his/her fingertips gently touch and feel the energy nodes in the person’s body.

“What makes BHET special is that the healing benefits both the facilitator and the recipient, making them lighter, happier, liberated and having a clear mind,” he added.

The sessions, at first are recommended three times a week in order to ensure a major release of blockages. The frequency can be lowered to once a month for maintenance so as to counter the negative energies we get from daily experiences.

“BHET has many benefits. As a result of released stagnant energy and blockages, there will be no more body pains. Since it cleans the cellular memory from one’s traumatic experiences, there will no longer be bouts of violence. PAST or Program Activating System Terminal contains bad memories, so a person becomes violent as a form of defense mechanism if exposed to a stimulus,” dela Cruz said.

“BHET also promotes self-awareness of a destructive belief system which is the root cause of illnesses and diseases,” he added.

These belief systems were established while we were young. Some examples are thoughts of not feeling worthy (a parent/adult saying you were not good enough), greed (belief that the accumulation of possessions makes one happier), unable to trust others (when someone close to the child betrays him/her, when a parent leaves or when a parent molests the child), phobias (fearful experiences related to things/places) and more.

So, if our cells are relieved of their blockages and we begin to feel lighter and happier, is it safe to say that BHET also delays the ageing process?

“Yes,” said dela Cruz. “You’ll look more radiant,” he added. “With BHET you begin to live life with a positive perspective, you become creative and more likely to take initiative. This positivity translates to compassion towards others,” added dela Cruz.

“BHET is also recommended for land, houses and buildings,” dela Cruz said. “It cleanses the energy blockages, stagnant souls or destructive entities that are attached to properties or objects,” he explained.

Dabawenyas learn BHET
A person who undergoes Biodynamic Healing Energy Therapy will experience one or more of these symptoms right after the session or within three days.

Psychological effects are sudden waves of emotion, old “stuff” seems to be coming up, increased sensitivity, episodes of intense energy which makes you want to leap out of bed and into action, changes in prayer and meditation, vivid dreams and events that will alter one’s life. The latter happens because the person has to ascend from materialism and attachments.

“You will have the ability to detach yourself from possessions and other attachments, which otherwise, bring about the feeling of failure or disappointment,” dela Cruz said.

Some of the physical effects are allergic reactions, vomiting, sweating, inability to sleep (must be the energy!), having a cold, fever, loose bowel movement (LBM), headache, irritation and emotional outburst.

But don’t fret. “These are effects of the healing and releasing of negative energy. Just drink a lot of water until the effects are gone,” dela Cruz said. These are just temporary setbacks in order to attain light and health.

For more information about Biodynamic Healing Energy Therapy, dela Cruz can be reached through 0915.4443.250.

Dela Cruz is also a love coach; he provides workshops on stress management, art of lounging and spiritual awakening as well as past regression with coaching./

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