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The Math Wizters: Samantha and Maxinne Co

For sisters Ma. Samantha Ysabel and Maxinne Louise Dominique Co, being math wizards at a young age of 11 and 10 respectively, meant double victory when they won bronze and silver in the 8th International Mathematics Contest in Singapore last August 3-6, 2012.
But, before such feat, these two Ateneo de Iloilo-educated sisters underwent intensive training starting with the 12-Saturday Mathematics Challenge for Filipino Kids Training Program (MCFKTP) held in West Visayas State University and conducted by the Mathematics Trainers' Guild, Philippines (MTG).
After that, they qualified for the four-day MTG Young Mathematician's In-House Intensive Training Program (YMIITP).

Samantha shared that the training enhanced their math skills, ability to interact with other trainees from different parts of the country and develop their independence.
After that, they took the Philippines Invitation Mathematics Examination (PIME). If a student passes this, he/she can represent the country in in…

Thea’s not giving up

Take part in school activities. Graduate summa cum laude in college. Become a nurse and help people.
These are some of the aspirations of seven-year old Thea Fantinalgo, a Grade 2 pupil of the Special Science Course in the Dumalag Central School in Dumalag, Capiz.
“She’s an active student, a Star Scout leader and she loves to dance a lot,” said Marilyn, 38, Thea’s mother who is a teacher in Dumalag.
“She’s very intelligent and responsible. For example, she can do multitasking like doing her homework and watching television yet she gets high scores still. She’s a first honor student, in fact,” added Marilyn.
As for becoming a nurse, this desire developed after the Fantinalgo family received a terrifying news: Thea has acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL).

According to the Boston Children's Hospital, “Leukemia is a type of blood cancer. It develops in the bone marrow — the soft, spongy center of the long bones that produces blood cells. The child’s bone marrow makes white blood cells …

Why Interpersonal relationships are important

My thoughts: Amid modern technology, let's encourage our children to go out and be with other people (the ones who will have positive influences in his/her life). 
Nothing beats face to face communication, a hug or any form of human touch to let someone know that he/she is not alone.
In the book "Happiness in a Troubled World" by the Dalai Lama and Howard Cutler, His Holiness stressed the importance of being with people, of having a sense of community in order to lift people from depression.
We were not born to be alone, but rather to reach out, to touch, to love and to be part of our human family.


PHL tops cases of depression in S.Asia

By Vicente W. Villavert
Reprinted from Philippine Information Agency

The  Philippines has the highest incidence of depression in Southeast Asia, according to Assistant Secretary Paulyn Jean B. Rosell-Ubial of the Department of Health who was in Iloilo City to campaign on the prevention of suicide.

DOH Assistant Secretary…

La Consolacion College wins SM Master Chef

Albeit they had only two days to prepare their menu, Bacolod-based La Consolacion College’s culinary team was hailed as champion in the SM Master Chef grand finals held at SM City Iloilo last Aug. 17, 2012.
The team’s coach, Chef Benedict John Co Uy, told the News Today that travelling from Bacolod in the morning while the competition was in the afternoon posed as a challenge for them, but, he said they had fun.
“It was a fun competition. Win or lose, we should be proud of the performance of all the participating schools. The competition was healthy because we saw new plating and new cooking techniques,” he said.
Uy, who is also the executive chef of Business Inn and Planta Centro Bacolod, reiterated that the competition is not about winning or losing but about how one plays the game. “How you compete with yourself and how you get the perfect score. That’s the competition today in producing a perfect dish,” he said.
He revealed that the team had joined other contests in the past two …

A celebration for Azure

Water certainly has a way of calming one’s nerves. No wonder, a dip in the beach or the pool is always part of everyone’s idea of fun and relaxation.
Thus, Sheridan Boutique Resort located in Brgy. Buray, Oton, recently launched its latest attraction – the Azure Infinity pool.
“Lavish yourself with the tranquil abundance of scenic and man-made details,” goes the resort’s invitation to dip in the pool, which is situated at the elevated portion of the resort.
Around it are Asian images and at another side is the lagoon that connects to the Batiano River.
The pool and lagoon are not the only attractions inside the resort, which was designed by architect Jomarie Yao who is known for his modern Asian touch.
Casitas Premium Rooms are situated at the left while at the other side are Asian murals and the Wilfredo's Ballroom which is ideal for conventions because it can accommodate 400 guests.
Just near the pool is the Ayanna Restaurant that serves a fusion of eastern and western cuisines…

The Battle launching

Passers-by and motorists stopped to watch and enjoy when close to 20 teens dressed in their colorful and creative outfits danced in front of the Robinsons Place Iloilo’s Quezon Street entrance last Sunday, August 12.
Called a “flashmob”, the surprise dance number signalled the launching of The Battle, a new treatment for the mall’s popular annual dance competitions – Girls Just Wanna Have Fun, Dance Showdown, Dance  ‘Em Out and Choreographers’ Challenge.
“The mall has created a lot of events to promote the Ilonggos’ talents. This year, we have a different treatment of these competitions. It’s four-in-one. This time, we looked for dancers who will comprise six groups of five boys and five girls. All of them will be trained by six choreographers. These girls will compete in the Girls Just Wanna Have Fun contest while the boys will compete during the Dance Showdown contest. The group with the lowest score will battle each other. Those who are left will comprise the four new groups. Afte…

There is enough for all of us

Photo by Dr. Ruben Ramirez

How often do we hear these phrases said? “There’s not enough”. “More is better”.
The more we believe these to be true, the more we act on them either by working ourselves to death in order to have more money or refusing to share our blessings with others because we fear that there’s nothing left for us.
In a workshop on True Self, Inner Wealth conducted at The News Today last Saturday, Au Hugo, the facilitator showed us we need not fret, through this exercise: Close your eyes and imagine yourself facing an ocean. Imagine yourself carrying a container which you can fill with water. How do you fill it? Full, half full or half-empty? Notice how easy it is to just fill it up, or to let go of some of the weight and fill it up again, depending on whether you think it’s heavy or light.
That exercise showed us one thing: The universe is so abundant, so there is enough for all of us.

* * *
New Hope Mission Academy survives on the love of individuals who believe that…

Becoming an agent of change

“The Philippines and the world are undergoing profound change and challenges. Extreme weather events, earthquakes, tidal waves and other human-made and natural disasters continue to batter the country and many parts of the planet. The Philippine economy continues to underperform while debt-ridden European economies threaten to unleash worldwide economic depression. Climate and economic upheavals threaten the food security of poverty-challenged countries like the Philippines. Wars and domestic violence continue to shatter peace. Despite well-intentioned efforts, corruption remains pervasive, wrecking the moral fiber and retarding the progress of nations,” according to Nicanor Perlas, founder of MISSION (Movement of Imaginals for Sustainable Societies Through Initiatives, Organizing and Networking) in his concept paper about the Liwanag World Festival on Creativity and Sustainability that will be held on Jan. 29 to Feb. 2, 2013 in Davao City.
“Resistance against faulty, oppressive, and…

The Moral Downside of Climate Change

By Dr. Jeff Mirus

Now that parishes and Catholic schools are being urged to show a documentary on climate change, perhaps it is time to comment on the wisdom of attempting to turn climate change into a moral issue. This is a danger currently being courted by those who portray climate change both as a disaster of epic proportions and as something we can control, causing them to seek to invest the issue with a high moral priority in both education and politics.

Based on my own review of the arguments surrounding climate change, I believe that the evidence is scanty or non-existent that these changes are either well-understood or under our control even in theory. The situation is even more dubious when we consider what realistic steps a disunited world with very limited financial resources is likely to be able take to effect any consistent or controlled change. If I am correct in this assessment, then climate change may still be a problem for some people in s…