A taste of Europe in your abode

Pavements are a common sight in Europe. In the courtyards, pathways, al fresco cafes, outdoor theaters and more.
These interlocked slabs are also becoming popular in many Ilonggo homes and public areas.
“Interlocking concrete pavers are special pre-cast pieces of concrete commonly used in exterior floorings,” said Mina Silva, Sales and Marketing Manager of Complete Logistic Control Inc., (www.completelogistic.com.ph), distributor of Primax Pavers and Cement Tiles since 1992.
Their pavers are manufactured locally with the use of European-made machines. They are responsible for the pavements of the Iloilo Esplanade, Carpenters Bridge in Mandurriao, Jaro Cathedral, Molo Plaza, Boracay Regency, Anhawan Beach Resort, Savannah, Westwoods, Parc Regency, Green Meadows, Centro Verde and MO2 & West Town Hotel in Smallville.

Although applying pavers would mean extra cost for the homeowner, Silva said that having them would have long-term benefits.
“Homes with excellent landscaping capture more market value than homes with fair or poor landscaping. Pavers increase the value of your real estate,” she said.
“Primax, for example, offers pavers in varied shapes, patterns and colors that a homeowner can choose from,” she added.
They are also easy to repair. “You can remove and reinstate the same pavers with no ugly patches after repairs.”
In addition, “the pavement system moves in unison with the earth’s movement, preventing cracks,” she said.
She added that Primax has smooth finish, strength and durability that can hold amid intense use of people and vehicles.
Also, during summer, pavers promote coolness.
Pavers are also safe even during a rainy day because of their non-skid surface.
Silva said that with more usage of pavements, there is more chance for drainage that could improve the health of soil and vegetation in the community.
They filter and return rain water to the ground. Thus, pavers are a logical choice for effective storm water management and reducing flood,” said Silva.
Primax, for one, has been promoted as Green Architecture and Eco-Friendly paving because of these.

According to http://www.paversearch.com, the steps in installing pavers are: planning and layout (decide the space where the pavers will go), calculating the number of pavers needed by measuring the width and length in square meters and multiplying them together and adding five percent to the figure; excavation by establishing the height the pavers should reach; and laying of the base material.
“Pavers are installed over a compacted sub-based and a levelling bed of two inches fine sand. Just puzzle it with your desired pattern and lock it at the ends to prevent movement,” Silva said.
She said the sand stabilizes the interlocking pavers yet allows flexibility. Because of this, the pavers will not easily crack during earthquakes or erosion unlike poured asphalt, Stamp Concrete or poured concrete.
So, whether you want a courtyard, a garden or a driveway, having pavers will not only add beauty to your abode,  but it will also benefit the environment in the long run.*  (Kathy Villalon, The News Today, Jan. 14, 2013)

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