Gary V bikes to work daily

“My attitude now is to bike to work, rain or shine,” said singer and ASAP mainstay Gary Valenciano during his visit to Iloilo City recently.

“I would travel on my mountain bike from my house in Antipolo going to ABS-CBN. Then, from ABS-CBN to Pagcor. I do that and I really love it. And it feels so good when I get to the end point,” he said.

Some people have recognized him while on the road, he said. “They said, ‘Uy si Gary Valenciano ba ‘yan? I have my helmet, glasses and bandana on,” he added.

His friends who were worried about his safety said,  “Hoy mag-ingat ka sa bilis nga mga kotse,” Gary narrated. “Sabi ko, sa Manila hindi nga gumagalaw ang traffic eh. I even arrive at ABS-CBN before my car. I wait at the security area until my car comes,” he said laughing.

“I bike fast because I take the sidewalk. I don’t take the road all the time. My car just follows me,” he explained.

“That’s why I feel bad that I had to leave kaagad. I wanted to go to Guimaras Island sana. Guimaras is being transformed into the first ever biking island in the world,” he said.


While Gary is already 48 years old, he still manages to look young and fit. What’s the reason behind this?
“There are so many reasons I can attribute it to. First, I’m serious about my health. Second, I have three children I’d like to be around with until I grow old; and third, my wife takes care of me very well. I think God will take care of the rest,” he said.

He added that he also loves what he does.

“When I go out the stage, I feel good. I like being with the younger artists. It’s not a challenge for me to keep up with them. I try to be myself. Sometimes, they call me ‘tito’ or ‘kuya’, okay lang sa akin ‘yon,” he said.
A diabetic, Gary likens a good life to the spokes of a bike. “Diabetic or not, you have to consider the wheels of the bike in life. One spoke is for proper exercise. Another is or diet. Another is medication and etcetera. Once you tighten them, you are okay.* (Kathy Villalon, The News Today Libre, February 2, 2013)

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