The Jedi’s Quarters

Living spaces in the epic sci-fi movie Star Wars can be part of real-life space, as shown by interior design students of the University of San Agustin through their exhibit entitled “Reversion: Hyperspace to Real Space” held at SM City Iloilo recently.
The bedroom design made by Louie May Ortiz, Jellah Yasa and Alvin Siastres for a bachelor, was inspired by the Jedi Order, a group of people who are the important characters in the Galactic Republic.

The trio used the colors gray, white and black in masculine and bold pieces. To create an illusion of space, they used mirrors.

Called the Refresher Station, the bathroom had a badge that symbolizes the Jedi troop.

They made use of red cove lighting, which reminded those familiar with Star Wars, of the Lightsaber, the Jedi’s samurai-like weapon.

Meanwhile, Aldrinne Pille and Ron Matthews Espinosa made the living and study areas similar to the interior of the Millennium Falcon space craft, the popular warship of Star Wars.

The masculine and ultramodern look stood out amid clean geometric lines while the designers achieved the sci-fi atmosphere through accent lighting.

“With the creative addition of some concept furniture, like the ottomans patterned after the famous robotic droids, R2-D2, or the boxed shelving units - the space is given balance and harmony as well as it creates the impression that one is inside a space craft,” the designers said.

Of course, any bachelor’s pad has a special female visitor, so, to soften the place, the designers painted a mural of Princess Amidala.

“Any fan of the enterprise would enjoy living in it,” they added.

Meanwhile, Nikka Yoro, Maryl Faye Tolentino and Aira Metal portrayed the transitions in Anakin Skywalker’s life in their dining and kitchen designs.

“The style is Star Wars-inspired Contemporary. The project is entitled The Sith, characters and organizations from the Star Wars capable of using the dark side of the Force,” the designers said.

To express the time when the dark side took over Skywalker and had him give up his Jedi life, they used black color. To show his good side, they used white color.
Every bachelor falls in love, just like Skywalker falling in love with Princess Amidala, so the designers used yellow, the color of happiness.

“Plates with letters L, O, V and E in aurebesh (Star Wars alphabet) are also displayed to show the strength of the emotion,” they said.

“We designed the kitchen and dining area to look really like a bachelor’s pad with a girlfriend slowly moving in, causing an ever-changing conversion of design,” the designers said.

The trio, to address limited spaces due to overpopulation, merged the dining area and kitchen.

“The kitchen and dining area are commonly separate, but with the ever-growing population, small spaces especially in condominiums are a trend,” they said.

“So, we created a compact area, not only for food preparation and dining but also for intimacy - with a design concept that is based on the idea of what a modern intergalactic-inspired home would look like,” they concluded.

Designing each room costs P30,000 but that can be lowered with the use of cheaper materials if only to suit the client’s budget.* (Kathy Villalon, TNT Libre, March 9, 2013)

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