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Threatened environment

Everyday a lot of human activities involve emission of carbon dioxide to the atmosphere―from the mundane turning on of lights, heating or cooling of homes, cooking of food, to large-scale burning of forests, production in factories, and running of vehicle engines.
What are just mentioned are essential to people's day-to-day living and survival but the tradeoff from the benefits we get from them deserve our immediate attention for they far outweigh the convenience we claim to be vital to civilization. 
Carbon dioxide is a heat-trapping greenhouse gas that is identified as a major culprit to climate change. With an atmosphere of high carbon dioxide concentration, earth's temperature continues to rise in an alarmingly rapid pace. We have been for years dealing with an escalating global warming. 
A May 2013 report shows that carbon dioxide emissions have reached an unprecedented level of 400 parts per million (ppm). According to readings issued from the Mauna Loa Observatory, this …

Of romance and bees

By Marie Katherine Villalon
Would you tell the woman you love a secret that would probably tear your relationship apart, maybe, forever?
Jaime did and Nica left him. But in their separation, they were able to realize their dreams. And when they were ready, fate brought them back together. Two decades past since a romance novel was read, but an encounter with Anvil Publishing Incorporated's Tagalog Romance stories caused feelings of puppy love to surge again. Surprisingly, Jaime and Nica's story made me cry.
Anyway, thanks to UP High schoolmate Niel Palabrica for introducing four titles. "Riding in Tandem" (the story of Jaime and Nica) written by Nina Tolentino tells of giving love a second chance.
"FB Friend of Mine" written by Ginafel Villanueva tells the story of a playboy who got snagged by a girl through a Facebook project.
Carlyn Lanuza's "Wrong Send" talks about friends who found love in each other, her "I Like You To Love Me" says th…

‘Public infra urged to boost economy’

By Marie Katherine Villalon

In order to boost the Philippine economy, the President should accelerate public infrastructure, according to an economist and former public official.

“Ano ang tatakbong bagong airports, highways, urban traffic system, power plants, and water system? Sana du’n sia naka-focus,” Benjamn Diokno, former secretary of Budget and Management, currently a professor at the University of the Philippines School of Economics and a columnist for Business World.

Diokno was in Iloilo City last Thursday for the Palm Concepcion Power Corporation gathering in Hotel del Rio.

“We need to invest 500 billion pesos a year for these in order to boost the economy. Kasi, pag nag-invest ka ng ganung pera, may ginagawang construction, thus maraming related industries na ma-develop. This will create more jobs,” he said.

“We need jobs. We need to make up for the past neglect in order for the Philippines to be competitive,” he stressed.

Although Diokno believes that on the level of Presid…

Council okays city's Health and Sanitation Code

By Marie Katherine Villalon

The City Council has approved the proposed ordinance enacting the Health and Sanitation Code of 2013 of the City of Iloilo during its regular session last Wednesday.

Councilor Lyndon Acap, author of the proposed ordinance and head of the Committee on Health, Sanitation and Hospital Services of the council, said the code is a compilation of provisions from the Sanitation Code of the Philippines (PD 856), Ecological Solid Waste Management Act of 2000 (RA 2005), Clean Air Act of 1999 (RA 7160), among other national laws.

"The Local Government Code of 1991 or Republic Act 7160 empowers the local government units to enact ordinances that redound on the general welfare of its people," he said.

“The ordinance will govern the people's actions on all matters related to general hygiene and sanitation," he added.

This "shall strengthen the health and sanitation of the city of Iloilo. Nevertheless, this ordinance also prescribes and set the pena…

Promoting animal welfare

In the Internet, we see animals that are thin to the bones, suffering from skin infection, neglected or maltreated. For animal lovers, this is such a waste of life. As a former dog breeder, we were taught how to become responsible pet owners. Dogs need to be vaccinated at a certain age and this has to be followed-up yearly. They had to be walked every morning and every evening. Instill discipline. Raise them wrong, and they’ll turn out brats or worse, violent. I have one Askal dog named “Sunstar” who was found just outside our gate. Knowing fully well that she needed tender, loving care, we let her inside, petted her and fed her. Then we would put her outside again thinking that her own might be looking for her. But she never left our front gate. Since then, we adopted her. ADOPTION This talk about dog adoption also brings to mind megastar Sharon Cuneta who, instead of buying from pet shops, decided to adopt a rescued dog named Chow Rosie, a Chow-Chow. The Philippine Animal Welfare Society …

Iloilo goes ‘digital tourism’

If one is equipped with an android or smart phone, travelling in Iloilo is seen to become easier because relevant information about the place’s historical, cultural and other attractions will now be contained in QR code markers installed in every site. This innovation is part of the Digital Tourism project initiated by Smart Telecommunications and new media startup InnoPub Media in partnership with the Department of Tourism, Iloilo City and Provincial governments and the private sector. “QR means Quick Response, a mobile approach that was designed by a subsidiary of Toyota for the purpose of car inventory. This is widely used abroad for marketing purposes,” said Max Limpag, InnoPub Media co-founder, during the project’s launching last March 21. “We are now using technology to deliver Iloilo tourism and provide heritage information. Unless you know more about a place that you visit, the experience is incomplete,” he said. Initially, these landmarks with QR code markers are Iloilo City Gall…

Rising above childhood cancer

Tears were shed when children with cancer and beneficiaries of Mga Kaibigan ng Mga Kabataang May Kanser lost their battle with the dreaded disease. It is every parent’s, relative’s and KKK member’s wish that a child stricken with cancer, will survive. For some, this wish has come true.

This month, four children who endured years of chemotherapy, pain and weakness, are finally graduating from their treatment after doctors found that they are already healed. They are Alvin Tamdang, Russel Buizon, Sander Hitalia and Hazel Roque, all boys. Melody Hitalia, Sander’s mom recalled how her child was so weak and did not want to eat when he was sick. “Very different sia compared sa iban nga kids. Bisan sa food. Limitado ang iya hulag, indi sia ka-play with other kids who are healthy,” she said. “Now, he’s very active,” she happily said, adding that Sander loves to play basketball and computer. She added that being a beneficiary of KKK has helped in lessening their expenses because the organization shou…

How to dress up for your job interview

For Rene Hinojales of La Salle, Bacolod and speaker during the Jobs Fair seminar on Dressing for Your Job Interview at SM City Iloilo, first impressions last. So, if you want to impress your prospective employer, you have to package yourself right the first time, he said. He said that in gauging a prospective employee, a human resource officer or manager follows the 12-12-12 first impression rule. “Twelve feet away, you have to be visible. Twelve inches away, you have to be heard. And the first 12 words the come out of your mouth can break or make you,” he said. Another is the 30-second rule. “In 30 seconds, a manager can already determine your economic, educational, social levels, among others. And in four minutes, he or she will be able to discern your character – trustworthiness, if you are compassionate and reliable,” he said.

SUITABLE CLOTHING Hinojales said that in choosing one’s clothing for the job interview, consider one’s workplace, climate, skin color, hair color and age. The work…